Even if you don't celebrate Easter, decorating Easter eggs can be a fun way to de-stress. Like adult coloring books, but higher stakes because you're coloring on fragile egg shells. If you use a whole carton, you'll have 12 chances, or 12 options for decorating. So to make your decision easier, I've figured out which decorating style best fits your aesthetic, according to your zodiac sign.

Capricorn: Tie-dye

You appreciate the power of delayed gratification. Even though everyone else finishes while you're waiting on your first layer to dry, you've planned out the whole thing and know your end result will be worth it. You're willing to put in the work to make your art happen, and everyone else gets a little angry because you're a bit snobby about showing yours off.

Cancer: Stripes

Nurturing and creative, you keep your design clean, simple and elegant so that you can be proud of your final result, but also spend most of your time helping the rest of the group achieve their egg-decorating dreams. You also definitely get a little emotional about the whole endeavor and how it really brings your family closer together.

Pisces: Ombré

You're imaginative and artistic—the mixing of colors in the middle of your ombré is really a metaphor for the beauty and challenge of life swirling together in their most perfect state. And you like the mystery of the shading—how many colors did you paint? Were they just mixed? Were there stages of painting? Only you know.

Scorpio: Faces

You're intensely focused, and the only one with a smooth enough hand to get away with something as complex as drawing cartoon characters on a tiny little egg. Yes, you got a bit obsessive about the whole thing and took over the entire basket in order to finish your Mickey Mouse character lineup. But the other ideas were too simple anyways.

Virgo: One Color

You're practical. Why go through the emotional turmoil of painting a delicate design when you could just pick a really beautiful shade for the whole egg? It's so much cleaner this way, and a whole lot more resourceful.

Taurus: Not Painted 

You don't like change—eggs are for eating, not for painting. You're patient enough to sit there while everyone else decorates, but you prefer the stability of the natural look and feel. Wouldn't want to risk messing up the art bit anyways.

Libra: Colorblocked

You're all about balance. You fell in love with multiple colors, and didn't want to disappoint either of them because colors have feelings and you need to be fair! Also, you're a little indecisive and couldn't pick a favorite even if it didn't hurt your heart.

Aries: Calligraphy 

You're strong-willed, energetic, and determined. Once you come up with an idea, you've committed to finishing it—and you're stubborn enough that no one can convince you it's not worth the effort. So when you thought of a beautiful script adorning your Easter egg, there was no stopping you. Even a full carton later, after your hand keeps twitching partway through the word and you mess up the cursive.

Sagittarius: Marbled

You're fearless and love a little adventure, so when someone told you about marbling technique, you knew you had to try this water-based, about-as-daring-as-egg-decoration-can-get design. Also, you knew the outcome would make you look like a badass artist.

Gemini: Splatter-Painted

You're charming and clever and figured out the easiest way to make a really aesthetically pleasing design. Not a shortcut per se, but definitely a resourceful choice. Also, it wasn't worth sitting there for hours painting something complicated.

Aquarius: Puffy Paint/3D

You're a bit eccentric, but in an inventor genius sort of way. You were tired of the same old, same old painting this year and wanted to find a better way to decorate. You created your own cutouts, mixed an adhesive yourself, and voila!

Leo: Glitter

You're unapologetically bold and all about the drama. Regular old painting just simply wouldn't cut it. Yes, pouring out an entire bottle of glitter to roll your egg around in might have been a bit wasteful—and yes, you got really competitive and felt the need to outdo everyone else. But in the end, your eggs shine.

I'm not sure how well astrology goes with Christianity, but in case you feel like straddling multiple spiritual worlds, the stars have selected these designs for you. Next, find out what kind of Easter egg decoration you are, not just what you should paint.