Anyone who knows me knows that I love chocolate.  If you're a chocolate fanatic, welcome to the club.  My personal love of chocolate and my freshman year Basics to Business class textbook led me to discover, a website that's also been featured on Shark Tank.  

This spectacular website allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth by customizing your very own affordable and unique chocolate bar. Follow these easy steps to fulfill your wildest chocolate fantasies and create the candy bar of your dreams. 

1. Go to their website

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In order to make your own chocolate bar, you have to go to the Chocomize website. Get excited because this is the start of your exciting customizable chocolate bar adventure.  When you get to this website your mouth should definitely be salivating.

2. Click on "Creation Station"

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When you click on "Creation Station" you'll start the process of customizing your candy bar.  Allow your creative juices to flow onto your chocolate bar canvas.

3. Pick your chocolate shape. 

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You can select between a chocolate bar or chocolate heart (or if you want to treat yourself get both). The great thing about chocolate is that it tastes great no matter what shape it's in. It's also never to early to start thinking about Valentine's Day or Halloween or really any other holiday, let's be honest. 

4. Choose your chocolate variety

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If you're a lover of all chocolate varieties, this part may prove to be difficult. Belgian chocolate comes in dark, milk, and white form, but you can't go wrong with any of these. If you're looking for the sweetest candy bar, pick the Belgian milk option.

5. Pick your toppings

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Chocomize brings the frozen yogurt topping bar to chocolate candy with over 300 million possible combinations. Here, you'll be able to add coffee grinds, potato chips, bacon, or skittles to your chocolate bar.

Chocolate creations can even have peanut butter chips, cranberries, walnuts, or organic coconut flakes. If you're feeling fancy, add 23-karat gold flakes (and if someone could tell me what gold tastes like, that would be awesome). 

6. Surprise me!

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Decisions can be hard and overwhelming for busy college students, even when it's just about chocolate.  Thankfully, there are pre-made chocolate bar creations to order when you're too indecisive. You can even order the "I Feel Lucky" mystery flavored bar if you're feeling adventurous.

7. Add your chocolate creation to your basket

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I ordered my sister a Belgian white chocolate macadamia nut chocolate, which she inhaled in record time.  I couldn't resist one myself, so I ordered a Belgian milk chocolate s'mores bar with mini marshmallows and graham teddies. Finally, all of the flavors of a S'more without the sticky fingers.

8. Confirm your order and make your payment.

Enter all your shipping information and click "place my order." Customized candy bars start at $4.50, and you won't even second guess the shipping rate because the $5.95 is well worth it. I promise, you'll be doing a happy dance when your chocolate bar arrives.