This might come as a surprise, but alcohol can be used for things other than drinking games, making mixed drinks, and just straight up drinking. It is a great addition to a variety of dishes, pretty much anything from brunch to dessert and everything in between.

Alcohol may be one of the best ingredients to add to food because it intensifies flavors and draws out aromas. Here are 23 great dishes you can make to switch up your alcohol consumption (but no judgement if you do take a swig while cooking).

#SpoonTip: When you’re chowing down, don’t forget that some dishes will maintain a relatively high alcohol content.


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Cooking with beer has many benefits. It tenderizes meat, makes bread products extra soft and fluffy, and enhances flavors.

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Learn how to spice up regular cake mix with a great stout like this.

3-Ingredient Boozy Brunch Muffins

Photo by Catherine Ku

These quick and easy muffins use pancake mix and beer in an ingenious new way.

Beer and Spinach Cheese Dip

Photo by MacKenzie Chee

Beer, cheese, and bread. Get your drunk food while getting your drink.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Beer Bread

Photo by Maggie Gorman

You definitely won’t regret pouring your bottle of beer in this batter.

Beer Fries

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Fries are the ultimate drunk food, so in all honestly, no pairing is more meant to be than beer and fries. Make this match made in heaven like this.

Beer ‘n Mac & Cheese

Photo by Alex Vu

A college student’s two favorite things rolled up into one.

Crunchy Beer-Battered Avocado Fries With Salsa

Photo by Shafer Ross

Avocados are super popular for a reason. Get your fried food fix and devour avocados in a whole new way with this recipe.

Fettuccine Beer Alfredo

Photo by Maggie Gorman

Who needs an ordinary Alfredo sauce when you can have a beer Alfredo sauce?

Beer-Braised Beef

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Man, woman, or child — it doesn’t matter. This is a dish for everyone.

Cajun Beer Bread

Photo by Keren Straus

This extra moist and perfectly spiced bread is calling your name. Make eating it a reality by checking out the recipe here.


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Adding vodka can enhance the aroma of whatever you’re cooking, adds a little sharpness, and can offset a creamy base.

Vodka Pie Crust

Photo by Paige Delany

Vodka is apparently the secret ingredient to make an awesome pie crust.

Booze-Infused Fruit Salad

Photo by Kristine Mahan

The combination of vodka and sweet fruit makes for a dish that will knock the socks off all your friends at your next brunch. Grab a bottle of vodka, and find out how to make it here.

Boozy Hot Chocolate

Photo by Jen Berger

Now you can stay in and cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate while still getting your buzz on. Make some boozy hot chocolate with this simple recipe.


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Rum, which is made from sugarcane, is great in a cocktail and just as good in everything from cakes to marinades.

Nutella Banana Bread

Photo by Maia Vernacchia

There’s no way to go wrong combining Nutella, banana, and rum, and this recipe kills the game.

Chocolate Rum Cake

Photo by Hayden Carder

There’s nothing like chocolate and booze at the end of a long week. Treat yourself with this indulgent recipe.

Apples Foster

Photo by Emma Danbury

Switch up the classic Bananas Foster with this inventive and delicious version using apples.

Malibu Rum Cupcakes

Photo by Jessica Lee

You’ll find yourself in your own personal paradise when you taste these cupcakes.

Dorm-Friendly Brownie Truffles

Photo by Marci Green

These truffles are so easy that you can make them in your dorm room. Why haven’t you made them yet?


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This all-American drink is made of grains, which must be at least 51% corn. It can be used to flavor all things sweet, but is also great in barbecue sauces and other main dishes.

Bourbon Chocolate Chip Blondies

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Some foods are good enough that you should just give up on a diet and chow down. This is one of them.


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Not only does wine add flavor to any dish, but it’s also a great fat substitute. It can even make a cake lighter and fluffier.

White Wine Lemon Butter Pasta Sauce

Photo by Analiese Trimber

White wine is an excellent compliment to the buttery, garlicky flavors in this decadent dish. Make your own with this recipe.

Red Wine Chocolate Cupcakes

Photo by Caty Schnack

Think nothing could be better than wine and chocolate? Think again. Check out how mascarpone whipped cream pairs with the chocolate and wine combo to make an unparalleled dessert with this recipe.

Pasta with White Wine and Porcini Mushroom Sauce

Photo by Michelle Loret de Mola

White wine and mushrooms are a match made in heaven.

Duck Breast Salad with White Wine Pear Sauce

Photo by Chris Roman

This fancy salad pulls out all the stops, making it perfect for a date night or a nice dinner with friends.

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