Picture this: you're so sick of eating out and going to the cafeteria to have, yet again, soggy pizza or some kind of chicken that is supposed to be a piccata, but just tastes like a weird mix of vegetable oil and rubber. However, you don't have a kitchen, so cafeteria food or fast food seems to be the only option. It's not the only option though, thanks to the best kitchen appliance out there: the griddle. Absolutely no kitchen necessary.

A griddle is generally a flat surface for cooking that can be heated using fire, electricity, or gas. Griddles were originally used on a stove, heated by gas flames, but with advances in modern technology, companies have produced electric griddles.

Electric griddles are fantastic because they essentially provide you with a portable kitchen. Many griddles come with different plates, which are textured cooking surfaces that can be switched around depending on the food you are preparing. The exchangeable surfaces vary from smooth plates, to waffle plates, to panini press plates.

New to the world of griddling? Here's your new go-to guide on how to survive with only a griddle for every meal of the day.

Breakfast For All

Breakfast, in many people's opinion, is the best part of the day. It is also a very easy meal to prepare on a griddle. If you're craving eggs, you could make them fried or scrambled, or if you're feeling extra adventurous, make an omelet. A must-know tip for making eggs on a griddle is to make sure that they are on the thicker side so they don’t run off of the griddle surface.

Another excellent breakfast idea is pancakes. In my opinion, pancakes are easier to make on the griddle versus on a pan because pans tend to overheat, whereas griddles stay the same temperature. French toast is another amazing breakfast food that can be made on the griddle. Sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on it while it cooks and voila, you’ve got yourself quite the treat. 

Lastly, a personal favorite, is a breakfast sandwich! First, cook your eggs and bacon or whatever protein you want on the griddle. Then, assemble your sandwich with your desired fillings and warm it up on the griddle. Take advantage of your griddle and get creative.

Let's Take a Lunch Break

Lunch is another easy meal to make with your griddle. One of the best features of most griddle is the panini press plate. With the panini press plate, you could make anything from grilled cheese, to actual panini (panini on a panini press, crazy, right?), to grilled chicken for salads, and so much more.

The smooth surface also allows you to cook up any of your favorite meat and vegetables. Or if you're just having "one of those days," you could make breakfast for lunch.

Dinner Time

The grande finale meal of the day deserves an equally grand finish. Burgers are an incredibly easy meal to cook on the griddle; just make sure you cook the patties and toast the buns on separate sides in order to avoid cross-contamination. If Mexican food is more in your wheelhouse, you can grill up steak or chicken for tacos and burritos. Quesadillas are the perfect meal for beginner level cooks to make on the griddle.

However, if you're looking to take things up a notch and impress a special someone, throw a nice steak or piece of fish on the griddle. Throw in some vegetables and a tasty carb and you have yourself a simple yet classy dinner. 

Best Griddles

When it comes to purchasing a griddle, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend and which features you find important.

Amazon’s Choice griddle is the Cuisinart GR-4N Griddle. Prices start at around $64 and it comes with normal smooth grill plates and panini plates (for extra you can buy waffle plates).

George Forman also makes grill/panini press griddles. They come in multiple sizes and offer up many different features. Their smallest one is priced at $19 on Amazon, and their largest, most advanced griddle is $120. If you're in an apartment or dorm with limited space, the small griddle is most likely your best bet.

Another suitable option is Hamilton Beach’s 3-1 Grill/Griddle that comes with reversible panini panini/grill plates and griddle plates. Hamilton Beach’s Griddle ranges from $40-$50. Buying a griddle is a worthy investment, and the type of griddle you purchase should definitely be based on your personal preferences and other factors that are important to you.

Griddles are a great appliance to have whether you are in college or just want an easy cooking tool to help make meals easier during your busy weeks. Go ahead and #treatyoself by taking the stress out of meal prepping and fancy dinners. Buy one of these bad boys and get to griddling.