Although we are in college, we take on much more than just the role of students. You can call us researchers, leaders, employees, teammates, partiers, or fans, because somehow we adapt to fit all of these descriptions. But after working up a grumbling appetite from a full day of class, studying, club meetings, team projects, jobs, and research, the last thing I want to be is a chef.

You’ve got to eat, and I hate to break it to you, but your mom isn’t always going to be there with a warm meal when you come home from school. So, the next best option? Chef up some quality food on Sunday, and you’ll have quick and easy home-cooked meals waiting for you when you walk through the door. These recipes will stay fresh and tasty in your fridge for the week but will still keep your Sundays simple.

Rotisserie Chicken


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

These recipes are for the laziest of you all – you don’t have to cook this meat at all, you won’t spend Sunday meal-prepping, and since these are usually by the checkouts, you don’t even have to walk deep into the grocery store.

A tip? Serving size suggestion for a rotisserie chicken yields about 8 servings per chicken, but if you’re planning on eating more realistically and substantially, count on getting about 5 meals out of your bird. Also, try alternating between the recipes below if eating the same chicken dish five nights a week doesn’t please your palate.

Mason Jar Burrito Bowl


Photo by Grant Sorbo

If you’re strong enough to walk past Chipotle on your way home from class, and make it to the other side empty-handed, first of all, kudos to you. But I know you might feel some serious regret about your incredible decision so here’s the fix. Try this recipe by subbing in rotisserie chicken, heating the beans in the microwave, and making a big portion of rice on Sunday and reheating throughout the week.

Chicken Sandwich


Photo by Sarah Silbiger

Ok, so it’s not the greasy glory that is Chic-Fil-A. But with just bread, chicken and a few toppings, you can handle this five minutes of prep even after the longest of days. Try either topping with BBQ sauce and pre-made coleslaw, or make your own BBQ chicken and coleslaw ahead here. If you’re feeling something a little less Southern and a little more refreshing, try using your rotisserie chicken in this

If you’re feeling something a little less Southern and a little more refreshing, try using your rotisserie chicken in this chicken cucumber pita pocket.


Photo by Abigail Wilkins



Photo by Trissa Gurney

It might seem a little daunting to make your own pizza after an exhausting school day, but using tortillas or premade crusts can cut cook time drastically. If you’re feeling creative, make this pizzadilla (pizza + quesadilla), or just grab a jar of marinara sauce from the pantry and sprinkle on cheese, chicken, and veggies for more of a traditional pie.

Quinoa-Stuffed Peppers


Photo by Megan Prendergast

Stuffed peppers – it just sounds fancy, doesn’t it? And trust me, you’ll feel like you’re treating yourself to some fancy, restaurant-quality ish when you’re eating this recipe. Make the hearty, healthy stuffing ahead of time, then scoop into a fresh bell pepper and pop into the oven before dinnertime. Voilà!

Mason Jar Pasta Salad


Photo by Max Bartick

Not only can pasta salad fill you up at dinnertime, but a few bites in between class throughout the day can serve as a quick and substantial snack. But beware – with this addicting recipe you might find yourself unable to drop your fork and pick up your backpack. Don’t blame me if you’re late to lecture; I warned you.

Chicken Meatballs in Marinara Sauce


Photo by Becca Miller

Though rolling meatballs might seem a bit tedious, the flavor from this recipe will make you forget about that prep-time. You can serve these several different ways throughout your week to spice up your repetitive diet. Try on a sandwich, on microwave pasta, or even scrape up sauce, smear it on a tortilla, and call it pizza.

Vegetarian Stew


Photo by Abby Galyon

Although nothing makes me feel more cozy and at home than a warm bowl of my mom’s soup, this vegan and gluten free recipe comes pretty close to filling the hole in my heart that aches for home-cooking. This stew can be made ahead and frozen in individual portions – ready to be reheated throughout the week and served on a quick, microwaved “baked” potato or alongside some pasta.

Enchilada Casserole


Photo by Austin Allem

Roommate food-theft is okay with the huge portions of this casserole recipe. Hey, maybe if you spend Sunday making enough for a week’s worth of enchiladas for your house, next week someone else can do the cooking for you. Food swap club – college edition?

Lettuce Wraps


Photo by Angela Pizzimenti

Another no-brainer recipe for when your mind is fried from equations, dates, or vocabulary. Just put in a little elbow grease on Sunday by making ahead your dressing and meat, then assemble the wrap when desired for a no-fuss week. It even requires no heating time after cooking… ultimate laziness achieved. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you could also whip up this deconstructed sushi in a mason jar on a Sunday night.


Photo by Gabby Phi