COVID-19; it's probably the bane of my existence. I was quarantined in the hospital for a mere 10 days just to be discharged into a quarantine that'll end who knows when. Supermarket lines are insane depending on where you go (tip: Key Food is usually empty, but Trader Joe's tends to have a line), and the vast majority of places that we all know and love are closed until further notice. Some places are doing contactless delivery/pickup, while others are too skeptical to open their doors for business, despite what science (yes, science; believe science, not morons) says. On that note, you're probably not consuming enough of the good, healthy stuff that you should be consuming; like sparkling water. With the help of SodaStream, here's how you can consume sparkling water at home with the press of a button.

What's the deal?

TL;DR: SodaStream makes sparkling water at your convenience with the press of a button. The nice part is that you won't be killing the environment slowly with a million ba-jillion plastic bottles, and SodaStream delivers straight to your doorstep; wherever that might be; not like it's my business. The brand offers free carbonator returns from home, and said SodaStream even comes with a carafe so you can pour your water into something else that's not a cup... in case you want to chug it all in that moment. 

More about SodaStream; there are three different product to choose from. There's the Fizzi, the One Touch, and the Aqua Fizz. Prices range from $89.99 for the basic Fizzi, and all the way up to $194.96 for the hydration pack for the Aqua Fizz. Half the time, flavors aren't included, but you could always add them on yourself using this link. Nobody's telling you what flavors to get, but SodaStream's website does have a few bestsellers to choose from, which include their lemon fruit drops, their watermelon fruit drops, and their cucumber fruit drops. The different flavors can help you to consume sparkling water at home by adding that extra oomph to your water that regular tap water just doesn't have. 

The thing about using any product from SodaStream is that you're going to need a gas cylinder from the brand in order to use the product; this is to help with the carbonation of said sparkling water; aka what you're drinking if you haven't figured that out by now. Said gas cylinders come with each SodaStream, but spare ones can be purchased for $29.99 on the website; alternatively, you can get a refill for half the price (aka $14.99) through the company's gas exchange service. 

Now that you know all about SodaStream, it's time to do yourself a favor and order it for your residence; wherever that may be; again, it's totally not my business. Besides, you can get 10% off all sparkling water makers using code GET10 at checkout, and you can save the planet by not using plastic (as mentioned above). According to SodaStream's homepage, one SodaStream bottle is the mere equivalent of 3,070 disposable bottles. That's a lot of bottles, and besides; SodaStream does most of the work for you so all that you have to do is enjoy it with the touch of a button.