One day in New York City, one of the largest cities in the world, can seem daunting and overwhelming. There are so many great places to choose from that you need to experience. But not to worry, here is your guide to 12 hours in NYC.

1. Midwinter Kitchen

Lucy Lahr

Breakfast at Midwinter Kitchen is located in the perfect neighborhood to begin your day, the East Village—a vibrant part of the city with hipster-yet-sophisticated restaurants and shops. You can't go wrong with a classic breakfast plate or a trendy piece of avocado toast here. Breakfast at Midwinter Kitchen is a great way to get ready for your big day ahead.

2. Thai Villa

Located in the ever-busy Union Square neighborhood just off 5th Ave, Thai Villa is literally a Thai villa. There's no place like it and even better than the unique ambiance is the amazing Thai food. Try the Royal Pad Thai, an authentic and modern twist on the classic Pad Thai. It comes beautifully wrapped in an egg net, a definite Instagram-worthy photo. 

3. Bouchon Bakery

Lucy Lahr

As you make your way up to Central Park you will need a small snack. Bouchon Bakery is a perfect spot to grab a quick bite, like the pictured, delicious Cookies & Cream Macaron. You can also check out classic New York sights like Rockefeller Plaza and Radio City Music Hall while you're over there.

4. Central Park

Lucy Lahr

After exploring the city sites, spend some time escaping the busy city scene and enjoy the picturesque Central Park. It is very easy to get lost so make sure you pick up a map. You can walk through the Mall, where many movie scenes were filmed, or take a walk to the middle of the park and see the beautiful lake. You'll be sure to burn a few calories before hitting up your next stop. 

5. Artichoke Pizza

Lucy Lahr

A classic NYC dinner consists of pizza and more pizza. The famous Artichoke Basilles Pizza has locations all over the city, and is known for their Staten Island style pizza. They are especially known for their Artichoke pizza slice, which is basically spinach and artichoke dip on pizza. It's rich. Head to the location in Greenwich and take the pizza to go, then explore the village and its many one of a kind shops and monuments. 

6. Kith Treats

Lucy Lahr

Save the best for last with a delicious custom creation at Kith Treats. Kith combines your favorite childhood cereal with the best dessert out there, ice cream. Located in the popular shopping area of Soho, this is a great treat to end your day with and get your last minute NYC shopping done. 

New York has a lot to offer. But follow this delicious guide of NYC and you will truly be living your best life (for 12 hours at least).