Starbucks — while some people consider it to be super basic, others consider it to be a godsend. Regardless of what you think, caffeine is crucial for most of us, since it stops us from feeling worse than a zombie, and makes us feel somewhat alive. This is especially true, since those of us that work remotely need to function to an extent in order to get stuff done, which is hard to do when you're half asleep. Now you don't have to feel like a zombie all of the time, thanks to Starbucks. Here's how.

How can I feel like a normal person?

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Sarah Yanofsky

According to a survey that was conducted, "more than 80% of coffee drinkers are wishing they could create their favorite cafe beverages in their kitchen." From the same survey, 82% of coffee drinkers like their cold brew sweet—with vanilla-flavored syrup being the most popular add-on. Whipped cream (74%), ice cream (68%), and flavored ice cubes (59%) are also pairings people are most interested in experimenting with. If you ask me, that's quite a lot of people. While I admit that it'd be hard to make frappuccinos daily in your presumably small kitchen, it's not hard to go out and buy some premade coffee to keep in your fridge. Accessorize accordingly with syrups, whipped cream, and milk.

While I'm not here to tell you what you should do, I am here to tell you that at home, in that small kitchen that we were talking about earlier, you can be your own super barista utilizing Starbucks® Cold Brew Concentrates. All that is required of you is mixing water and ice or your favorite coffee add-ons for a taste that’s smooth, delicious, and perfectly yours. The cold brew concentrate is available in bold Signature Black and Caramel Dolce flavor where groceries are sold and online.

Since most of us are still in quarantine at home, more coffee ideas can be found at Not that I don't want you to be reunited with your local Starbucks, but for now, I want you to be socially responsible.