For those of you who have been (a) living under a rock or (b) don’t have a Netflix subscription, Antoni Porowski is the resident food and wine expert on "Queer Eye". He is changing lives on-screen, but also off-screen for those viewers who feel particularly inspired by his simple cooking. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways Antoni is changing the food game.

He Doesn’t Push People

Eat Sip Trip puts it so perfectly by saying he “has the unenviable task of teaching guys who can’t be bothered to pick the crumbs out of their ZZ Top beards how to become gourmands.” I think people forget about this A LOT. These guys got nominated and then approved to be on this show. They are clearly doing more than one thing wrong.

Throwing gourmet recipes and ingredients in their faces would just be cruel. And obviously, Antoni knows better. He teaches them the basics and doesn’t push the minimal skills they already have. You have to respect him for that.

He LOVES Avocados

Because obviously, he does. Antoni has been critiqued a lot by viewers of the show who question whether he can even actually cook. What these people are failing to consider, though, is that he is helping people who have literally never cooked anything in their lives. Avocados are a great basic that can be incorporated into so many meals. Baby steps, people. 

He finds that avocados are an easy way to get people to eat healthier fats. He told Refinery 29, “I’m not going to deny them avocados because some troll decided I use avocados too much,” and honestly we all thank you for that. I personally like that he makes simple recipes on the show because then I feel like I can make them for myself.

He’s Entirely Self-Taught

While this is a point of criticism for many, I find this to be a reason to praise him. He doesn’t have a culinary degree, but he is the food expert on a super successful TV show. Honestly, he’s probably doing better than all of those who are making unnecessary remarks.

This is important because he’s reminding us that stars are just like us. Being self-taught and successful in the food world should be encouraging to those who want to become more well-versed in the kitchen. Pick up a cookbook or look up one of Antoni's recipes and make something delicious.

He’s Opening His Own Restaurant

Well, actually reopening an NYC classic, Village Den. But still. He’s partnering with Eric Marx and Lisle Richards, successful restauranteurs, according to Eater New York. The restaurant is set to open in September and will cater to everyone with its “market-driven menu.” The restaurant concept is centered around “a wholesome yet fulfilling lifestyle,” which (I think) means that you can eat your favorite comfort-style foods without feeling like you’ve gained 100 pounds. Call me for the grand opening.

We should all be taking notes, and definitely stop will all the criticism. Antoni is changing the food game. Stop hating and let him continue to show us basic avocado recipes on Netflix.