Pizza and I have been best friends since the day I was born. She followed me wherever life was throwing me. We went through up and downs of life, but we knew that we always had each other. She was there for my first birthday, when I first acknowledged her presence. She was in the hospital with me, when I broke my leg for the first time. She supported me after a breakup and now she's my ultimate hangover cure. My friend turned into family and this bond can never be broken. 

How It All Began

Ally Golden

When I first met Pizza, I was pretty sceptical about her and what she stands for. Even as a baby, I knew that I wanted to be healthy. Pizza, on the other hand, loved everything greasy, fat,  and with a lot of meat. I am not going to lie, she had some seriously amazing outfits. Everytime I saw her, Pizza had a new topping even fancier than her previous one. Our friendship is complicated. I have love-hate relationship with her all the time. One day we will hang out, go to the movies, and everything will be fine. But other days, she gives me the worst feeling that hurts even in the stomach. It's been happening for 15 years, but one day, out of nowhere, we became really close. I found my soulmate, who helpped me to get through tough times. 

Milana Yemelyanova

When I started college, I had to leave my friend behind for a while and concentrate on education. I couldn't afford any more distractions. Oh boy, how little did I know. You know how they say that college is fun? How they describe long days of classes followed by long nights of partying? Well I decided to test it out for myself. One morning, when the sun was way too bright and people were way too loud, someone knocked on my door. It was Pizza. She came all the way from home to take care of me. She wanted to make sure I was drinking enough water, so my headache would go away. She brought me food and stories about her adventures. Since then, we are always together, which I am grateful for. 

But Why Pizza?

mac n cheese, cheese, pie, crust, pizza, dough, pastry
Megan Japczyk

Besides being my friend, Pizza has many advantages. Before going out I usually chow down on a big greasy plate before the liquor starts flowing, which helps to insulate the stomach, preventing alcohol from being absorbed into the stomach lining and bloodstream. By no means she can  cure my hangover, but she can make it feel less painful. Taking Pizza with you to the party, reduces chances of getting hangover in the first place. Perks of being her friend! 

sandwich, arugula, salad, avocado
Alexandra Capello

Yet, not every topping Pizza chooses to wear to the club is that good at preventing hangovers. One of the best outfits Pizza ever put on, the one from Pizza Express is the best one so far. They used a regular Romana pizza vase,  added passatta and mozzarella cheese, one egg, tuna, spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes to minimise fat content and maximise protein-based benefit. But if I am being completely honest, I don't mind her casual Pepperoni suit.

Four crazy-college-years past by, but our frinedship with Pizza is eternal. She bursted in my life uninvited and unwanted, but quickly became a friend I can always count on. Cheers to you, my friend.