With Easter just passing I had the opportunity to try the limited addition 2017 Peep flavored Oreo. Sounds weird, I know, but I was pleasantly surprised and it inspired me to try some of Oreos more interesting flavors. 

With over 50 different varieties of America's favorite cookie, there was no way I could complete my full mission of trying them all. 

I was able to get my hands on 10 interesting flavors and now it is your chance to give your final statement, should Oreo's stick to just black and white (including double stuff of course) or step out of their comfort zone and stick with their funky flavors? Check out these flavors out for yourself...

1. Peep

Shoutout to the cookie flavor that inspired this article and shoutout to one hell of a flavor. It sounds strange, but you won't regret trying this pink filled cookie, even if you aren't the biggest Peep lover, like I am. 

2. S'mores

I think Oreo did the best it could trying to recreate America's favorite fireside snack. This Oreo may not be able to replace the classic S'more, but it still a yummy alternative

3. Cookie Dough

There was an extreme amount of hype around this flavor, but for me it did not necessarily match up to expectations. There was nothing wrong with this cookie, it was just not as good as I thought a cookie dough filled with cookie could be. 

4. Birthday Cake

I expected nothing less from Oreo when it turned 100, than to release a birthday cake flavor. This was a great idea paired with a great tasting cookie. 

5. Golden 

Yes, I know, this isn't the most exotic flavor out there. Most prefer the chocolate cookie outside over the vanilla, and I'd have to agree. Sorry vanilla, I'm a chocolate cookie die hard.

6. Red Velvet 

FINALLY! Is about all I said when I saw this flavor, my favorite cake with my favorite cookie, it doesn't get much better. 

7. Reese's Peanut Butter 

It's not just peanut butter and Oreos, its Reese's and Oreos. is about time these two amazing brands paired up to make something this good. To me, this cookie combination is a no brainer and it is a shoe-in for one of the best outrageous dessert recipes. 

8. Cinnamon Bun 

This is a rare, personal favorite of mine. I love nothing more than graham cookie outside and double the marshmallowy, chocolaty inside. It may be a lot of flavor for first timers so, take it slow and enjoy every bite!

9. Mint 

I was particularly excited to try the green stuffed Oreo's because I do love mint paired with chocolate. It is not too crazy of a flavor, but it is one I am glad they have out on the market. 

10. Thins 

This may not be a flavor, but I decided to put this variety in the rankings anyway. I was skeptical at first with the meaning behind this cookie, could there really good in less cream and less cookie? But to my surprise the thins are the perfect size when the cookie cravings come in. 

See for yourself the endless flavor variety Oreo provides us with and make sure to choose your favorite.

Remember though, is there anything that can really compare to the timeless, iconic, chocolate cookie with the creamy inside?