It’s a tale as old as time. A college freshman, too broke to eat anything else, sits alone on his dorm room floor eating ramen noodles. He shovels them into his mouth, cup after cup, as he frantically “studies” (binge watches Netflix with a chemistry textbook open).

Flash forward six months and little Jimmy is well on his way to the freshman fifteen. His blood has actually turned into ramen broth and is coursing thickly throughout his swollen body. Ah, ramen, neither known for its classiness or its health benefits. That is, until now.

Before, college students everywhere scoured their couches for extra laundry change to buy an affordable meal. When they did, the only cheap meal was ramen so void of any nutrients that it was more akin to cardboard in a salt bath than actual edible food.

But Nissin Cup Noodles has just changed the game.

The story of Nissin Ramen is a sentimental one. After World War II, Japan had a severe food shortage. A brilliant man named Momofuku Ando decided that in order to solve this problem, he would create an instant ramen package to spark a “three-minute global revolution”. Little did he know, his savvy invention would withstand time, finding its way into the modern world of people too health conscious to eat ramen without vegetables, but not enough to walk five minutes to the nearest dining hall. And from such modern juxtaposition, Cup Noodles Very Veggie was born.

For the same budget-friendly price at the same accessible grocery and discount stores, one can now live the college lifestyle and not feel the water physically draining out of their bodies. Cup Noodles’ new product boasts a significantly lower sodium content, no added artificial flavors or MSG and a full serving of vegetables in every affordable cup.

Now, not only will little Jimmy come home to a mother who won’t make him adhere to a strict diet of brussel sprouts, but he’ll add a bit of flair to the staple college meal.

Gone are the days when celebrities like Kylie Jenner post about their "simple" ramen recipe and leave laypeople like...

Watch out Kylie and friends, because now we're halfway there!

Cup Noodles Very Veggie comes in three flavors so delicious you'll forget that you're eating stalks of broccoli: chicken, beef and spicy chicken.

All we have to do now is add some hot sauce all up in our top ramen, ya bish.