The university cafeteria might be the last thing on your mind as you prepare for your first three-hour lecture. You should be happy to know that it will only help, not hinder your freshman experience.

It's Convenient

The caf is usually located close to the residence buildings. Running late for class is no excuse for grabbing a quick breakfast.

Traditional meal times are never too crowded and the buffet-style allows you to eat and leave without any stress.

Having the cafeteria right on campus makes grabbing a bite between mid-term studying easy. Most dining halls have great hours, so you can rely on them even on the most crammed days.

You don't have to cook

espresso, coffee
Sharon Cho

Even though I enjoy cooking, first year was so busy I couldn’t imagine having to prepare my own meals and snacks.

The caf allows you to spend your free time partying, attending school events and crazy enough, actually getting some sleep.

You will meet new people

Hayden Carder

Buffet dining halls allow for a little conversation as you wait in line. I met a lot of people this way during frosh. Simply ask someone what program they’re in, or offer a seat. You will feel more comfortable in the new environment.

It’s the little things

sauce, banana, chocolate, syrup, strawberry
Allegra Dobson

Cafeterias are great because you usually get unlimited pizza. But the little things that come along with it really make a difference. For example, my university had “Go Local Wednesdays” and “Big Breakfast Thursdays."

I could run down in my pyjamas (trust me, no one cares after frosh week what you're wearing) and eat insane amounts of whatever dessert they were serving.

You will practice gratitude

Having access to the dining hall helped ease any freshman nerves. Everything about it made it a comfortable space.

Dining halls are expensive. I realized just how grateful I am to be at university in the first place.

Being able to cook for myself will be awesome, but I know I’ll miss the chocolate fountains at my dining hall. That would help anyone get used to university