Whether you’re looking for a wild night out at the bar, a girls night in with your best friends, or solo Netflix and chill, alcohol goes well with almost any event. Okay, maybe not during an exam #turnup, but on many occasions, you can’t go wrong with a glass of your favorite drink.

While I can’t magically cure your hangover or prevent you from drunk-texting your ex seven times in one night, I can help you manage the sugar content in some of your favorite alcoholic drinks. Here is the ultimate breakdown of your favorite alcoholic drinks from the most to the least amount of sugar.

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10. Jägerbombs

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Jägerbombs are a great way to start the night off with an instant energy boost. This mixed drink consists of a shot of Jägermeister, mixed with half a can of Red Bull. The combination of Jäger and an energy drink, contains around 25 grams of sugar per drink. To put this into perspective, one Jägerbomb contains more sugar than a full-sized Aero bar.

9. Mojitos

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This one scared me a lot because mojitos are my go-to summer drink. A standard mojito contains 23.47 grams of sugar. Ouch. On the bright side, because the mojito consists of very few ingredients (lime, mint, rum, club soda, and sugar), you can easily substitute the sugar for other low-cal alternatives. If you’re making a pitcher for your friends to enjoy this summer, try subbing the sugar with calorie-free Stevia for a healthier drink.

8. Bellinis

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One Bellini contains 23 grams of sugar, which is near the standard sugar content for most mixed drinks. This super-sweet, slushy-like drink is perfect if you are going out with a group of friends for dinner and a drink, but like most mixed drinks, try to limit your consumption.

6. Dessert Wines

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Examples of dessert wines are sparkling wine and champagne. These wines contain the highest levels of sugar, anywhere from 21g to 40g of sugar per glass, making them very sweet.

6. Sangria

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Sangria is always fun for a night out with friends. It contains 16 grams of sugar per glass, with most of this sugar coming from the fruit and the wine. While this number is high compared to other alcoholic drinks, if you’re looking for a mixed drink, the sugar content is relatively low. Be sure to check out this sangria slushy for your next pregame.

5. Sweet Wines

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If you’re a twenty-something college girl, then you are definitely familiar with Girls Night Out wines. Girls Night Out, along with Moscato and Riesling, are popular types of sweet wines. These wines range from 6 to 21 grams of sugar per glass. Wine night is an essential part of college, but be sure to drink these wines in moderation if you’re looking to cut out some sugar. 

4. Jello Shots

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If jello shots are involved, you know it’s going to be a good time. While these may not be a regular drink, they are perfect for special events like Homecoming and St Patrick’s Day. One jello shot contains 6 grams of sugar, so maybe keep these bad boys to one or two drinking days a year.

3. Dry Wines

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Dry wines include Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. These wines are not as sweet as other wines, but they contain the least amount of sugar at 0 grams to 6 grams of sugar per glass. If you are looking to sip a glass of wine while sitting on the patio this summer, dry wines are definitely the way to go.

#SpoonTip: Cheaper wines are usually higher in sugar. If you are looking for a glass of wine, but want to skip the unwanted glucose, try to splurge a bit more. Wines in the $15-20 range usually have more flavor without adding more sugar.

2. Beer

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Beer is very low on sugar, containing less than 1 gram of per beer. While the alcohol content of beer is low compared to other beverages, if you’re looking for a practically sugar-free thirst quencher, beer is your BFF.

1. Distilled Liquor Shots

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If LMFAO knows one thing, its about how to drink the right way. Distilled alcohol (rum, vodka, gin) contains no sugar per serving. A lot of you are probably questioning this, but the sugar that is contained in the fruit and grains used to make the alcohol is totally filtered out when the alcohol is distilled. The shots themselves have no sugar, but be mindful of the drinks with which you chase your alcohol. Try opting for Diet Coke over Classic Coke if you’re looking for a sugar-free alternative.


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