As a child, I loved Easter because of the food and egg-hunting festivities. To this day, I enjoy making Easter baskets, but I always end up with extra plastic eggs afterwards. This year I was curious about just how much these little eggs can hold, so I tried to see how much of my favorite snack foods would fit into an egg.

1. 53 Chocolate Candies

sweetmeat, chocolate, jordan almonds, candy, egg
Elizabeth Budd

I will start with the classic plastic Easter egg snack: chocolates. Not only is chocolate delicious, but it's also good for you! Plastic eggs can fit about 53 chocolate candies whether they be chocolate M&M's, Reese's Pieces, or chocolate-covered raisins. Skittles also apply here although those are not chocolate.

2. Trail Mix

nut, almond, walnut, hazelnut, meat, peanut, pistachio, cashew
Hailey Maher

Packed with protein from nuts and natural sugars from fruits, trail mix is the perfect mid-day snack that is plastic Easter egg-friendly. You can use store-bought or make your own. I would say that probably two or three eggs-worth is an adequate serving size, so stock up before you take on your day!

3. 6 Pieces of Popcorn

A great snack for if you are feeling peckish (Easter chick pun intended) while shopping for those amazing baskets you are probably making. But seriously, if you ask me, stuffing popcorn into an Easter egg is not effective.

4. 23 Fruit Snacks

sweet, candy
Lisa Russo

23 fruit snacks is actually about one and a half packages of the small snack-size bags, so the egg actually provides you with a hefty portion size.

5. 18 Goldfish

chicken, sweet potato, potato
Lisa Russo

This is about one-third of the actual serving size of 55 Goldfish, but it's not a bad size snack. 

6. 5 Snack-Size Pretzels or 3 Pretzel Nuggets

pastry, doughnut, candy, sweet, pretzel
Allie Koestler

Pretzels depends on the size and shape of the pretzels that you get, but if you use snack-sized wheels like I did then you can get about five in an egg. Pretzel suggest are less convenient because you can really only get about three in an egg.

7. 55 Cheerios 

peanut, egg
Lisa Russo

Again, this is not a full serving size, but it is an especially great way to be festive while eating. Cheerios are always a great snack. However, I do not recommend putting any milk in the egg!

Some snacks are better than other for stuffing into Easter eggs, but, in my opinion, anything can be a great on-the-go snack.