The wonderful restaurant known as Metro Diner is a rather recent franchise in Tuscaloosa, and many may not know much about it, so I'm going to break it down for you.  Let's begin with the history of this magnificent place, shall we?


In the year 1992, a man by the name of Mark Davoli took one step into a small building off Hendricks Avenue in Jacksonville, Florida. This happens to be my hometown. He decided to purchase it, change the menu and enlighten the locals by opening a new restaurant with excellent breakfast and lunch. Thus, Metro Diner was born.

As for the Tuscaloosa location, the area surrounding isn't as historic. But it is very well placed next to a variety of clothing stores and Barnes and Noble! 


Some of the locals' Metro favorites include the famous Fried Chicken and Waffles, Yo Hala on The Square, Bissell Breakfast and Huevos Rancheros. Thankfully, the "locals" can now be from 48 other locations, spreading from Nevada to Delaware. 

Fun Facts Time! 

San Marco is a small subsection of Jacksonville. This is technically the location of the first Metro. This area is known for having dainty dining and a great atmosphere to take out-of-towners. There is also a theater that was built in 1938 that is still running, so get your breakfast or lunch on and head over to see the beautiful historic city!

One of the many things that makes Metro so special is that every couple of days, there are two new items added to the menu written on a blackboard in cursive for both breakfast and lunch. As if the already existing four page menu wasn't enough, you get even more.

Everything I've ever ordered, I've loved. My personal favorite dish is the Belgian waffle with chocolate chips and strawberries with a side of bacon. Anyone with a Metro in their town should take advantage of this eggciting restaurant and all its glory. This means you, UA students.