The "How Long Do You Microwave A 25 Pound Turkey?" meme that college students have been texting their parents has gone viral. Usually, it evokes three types of responses. One, step-by-step instructions. Two, saying it's impossible. Or three, my personal favorite, "how did you get into college if you're asking me such a stupid question?". I didn't know that a meme could have this power, but this one actually made me nostalgic for cooking at home with my family. So, I decided to find the best microwavable Thanksgiving food to help you feel festive in your dorm.

If you're like me, a college student who has just come back to school after break, you're probably in the beginning stages of your post-Thanksgiving depression and maybe still in a food coma. However, bear in mind that even through the stress of finals, the holiday season is just around the corner for you to enjoy. My favorite way to enjoy the holidays? Cooking and eating food - especially Thanksgiving food. I've thought of a few ways you can do so, dorm-style.

These are a few ways to have a more feasible holiday dinner or a "Friendsgiving" with your college buds:

     1.      Mob a Whole Foods near you

     2.     Actual microwavable Thanksgiving food (not a 25 pound turkey).

     3.     Deck out your dorm in holiday decorations

Mobbing a Whole Foods Near You

Almost everyone in my family can cook and loves to do so, but we always rely on Whole Foods to get us through the labor of serving our entire family on Thanksgiving. So, there's no shame in going to Whole Foods to grab some holiday essentials. The best part of Whole Foods is their buffet style, prepared foods section where you can grab a tray of warm food for cheap. Be sure to check out the Whole Foods in Westwood (only a 20 minute walk or a 10 minute Bird from Hedrick Hall) for the best mashed potatoes and rotisserie chicken that'll take you right back to Thanksgiving at home.

Microwaving The Right Foods

If you want to try making some Thanksgiving dishes in your dorm, here are a few things you could pop right into the microwave:

Instead of turkey, try microwaving slices of the rotisserie chicken you grabbed from Whole Foods and pairing that with any toppings you like.

To make a baked potato, poke a few holes in a potato and then place it in the microwave in a microwave-safe bowl for about 3 minutes. It'll come out piping hot, so make sure to allow it to cool down for a minute if you want to peel off the skin. Then, use a spoon or fork to mash it up and mix in add-ins like a splash of milk for creaminess or crushed-up bits of potato chips for crunch (you could get both these ingredients from any of the take-out places on campus).

Liam Kennison

For some creamy pasta, grab your favorite microwavable mac n' cheese and follow the instructions on the container. My favorite kind is Annie's White Cheddar and like the mashed potatoes, I like to get creative with the mix-ins: crushed up goldfish, buffalo sauce, or some butter. 

Simmi Diwanji

Decking Out Your Dorm in Holiday Decorations

Finally, if you want to feel completely at home, decorations are a necessity. A few ways you can up your dorm game is by hanging up string lights, putting a funny caption on the whiteboard outside your dorm room, and playing Sia's Christmas album in your room 24-7. Here are some pictures of my room for inspiration.

Simmi Diwanji
Simmi Diwanji
Simmi Diwanji
Simmi Diwanji

Happy Holidays!