Social media platforms are both a blessing and a curse. They are useful because they can be meaningful sources of endless information, but at the same time, they are full of frauds and false images that can easily trigger our minds. 

For this reason, influencers play a big role in sending and spreading messages through their social media profiles. Their audiences, sometimes reaching millions of followers, are made up of mostly young people who are seeking for a valuable inspiration. Users, no matter what their background might be, should benefit the most from an influencer's message, especially when it comes to body-positivity movements, like the one made by British actress and activist Jameela Jamil.

The body-positive movement is strictly related to the food world. It's both a sociological and cultural movement that links food and mental health education. Jameela Jamil battles for a better and much finer awareness around eating education and body-politics. And that's when it comes the I Weigh movement.

I Weigh started as an Instagram account made by Jameela Jamil with the intent of sharing through photos, videos, or words, positive social media content regarding body politics and perceptions. 

At first sight, you wouldn't think that Jameela has ever had any problems or struggles related to her body. However, before becoming the person she is today, Jameela Jamil has suffered from eating disorders and bullying when growing up. This is why she's an advocate and takes her I Weigh so seriously.

It all started last winter, when an Instagram thread about the Kardashians dominated part of the internet, discussing weight estimates of Kim, Khloe, and other female members of the famous family.

Jameela reacted by posting pictures of herself saying that weight is definitely not the only thing a woman should consider of herself. There are so many other qualities and features a woman or a man should give attention to. As long as you're healthy, bodies shouldn't be judged by their shapes or colours. Jameela's audience started supporting her statements and made the I Weigh more than just an Instagram account, but mostly a strong, sympathetic, familiar space. 

Food and eating disorders seem to be constant hot topics and click-baits when it comes to celebrities or body positivity movements. Having a healthy relationship with food intake involves embracing specific lifestyles, taking notes from challenging philosophies, and educating your mind with constant and constructive positivity. It is a hard work, but not impossible with the right mindset.

The food world is not only culinary tips and recipes or location reviews. It is also made up of many sociological factors, including social media activism. This kind of help on social media platforms raises awareness about food, eating disorders, and healthy habits. This kind of help is most effective if done by popular figures, such as actresses like Ms. Jamil herself or fashion models like Iskra Lawrence

Another act of activism Jameela took more recently was against the detox industry, related to the production of tea, lollipops, and other items that guarantee fast and effective weight loss.

After pointing out some celebrities' posts about detox shakes and teas, like the Khloe Kardashian's one, she decided to build a petition against this kind of influential messages that make social media users question about their bodies and health statuses.

Jameela Jamil, along with other social media influencers, is a real role model, whose activism is transparent, constructive, and self-managed.

Thanks Jameela, for speaking up about these matters, engaging with many young people, and sharing your meaningful contribution in the food world!