When I told people I planned to spend a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, their immediate response was, “You’re going to love the meat!” At first, I would correct them and explain that although Argentina is, indeed, the “meat capital of the world,” I’m a vegetarian. Eventually, I would just nod my head in agreement to avoid the correction all together.

Luckily, their next statement would explain how much I’d enjoy the Malbec wine, Dulce de leche, empanadas, or any other incredible foods that can be found in Buenos Aires. I have Argentina to thank for my “abroad 15” (or 30… I don’t do scales).

If you are a vegetarian heading to Buenos Aires, don’t be discouraged! Here’s how I survived:

1. Find the vegetable empanadas.


Photo by Blair Scott

Empanadas are beautiful dough filled pastries that are insanely cheap and very prevalent in Buenos Aires. Some even consider them an Argentine classic. Although most empanadas are meat filled, I’d argue the cheese and spinach filled are far superior.

2. Venture out for the vegetarian restaurants.


Photo courtesy of Pick Up The Fork

They do exist! And they are delicious! These hidden gems can be found in Palermo Hollywood or San Telmo. Two of my favorites are Hierbabuena and Buenos Aires Verde. Check out as many restaurants in Buenos Aires as you can to satisfy your cravings here.

3. Drink red wine.

Gif courtesy of tumblr.com

Argentina is famous for more than the meat, but they’re also famous for their Malbec wine. While all your friends are enjoying rich meat, grab a vegetable (or gelato) and pair it with a hefty glass of red wine.

4. Indulge on Dulce de leche.


Photo courtesy of zonanortehoy.com

Another delicacy in Buenos Aires is Dulce de leche: the better, Latin American version of caramel. Argentinians will tell you to eat more of it – on a banana, between two cookies or on a spoon.

5. Get all of the gelato.


Photo by Catherine Vedovino

Buenos Aires surely loves their sweets; you can never go wrong with Dulce de leche gelato. There are tons of places to try, but my personal favorite is Freddo. You can find this chain on every street corner in Buenos Aires and even in a few cities in the United States!