I was lucky enough to get an internship this summer, a full time one, and one that is surprisingly enough, paid. Working in Georgetown, D.C., is a luxury for me, being so close to home and to my hopefully future home, but also an inconvenience at times.

But what is not inconvenient about my office is that, located in the heart of Georgetown, it's in close proximity to some of the best, freshest, newest, and honestly, most interesting restaurants you could ever find. And there's no shortage of them.

I'll be in Georgetown May through August, and in that time, I want to share with y'all some of the best spots that I've found in my time here, month by month. As May just wrapped up, I'm going to give you the rundown on the places I've tried, and the hits, which happen way more often here than the misses. 

As May came to a close and I had spent three weeks at work, I found myself with some great finds.


Proud of my Lebanese heritage, I try to show that as much as possible - mainly through food. I've experienced home-cooked Lebanese from my grandparents, and Muncheez almost - but not quite - beats that. A hole-in-the-wall on Wisconsin Ave, Muncheez offers some of the best falafel, schwarma, and mini mezze that I've ever tasted

Dean & Deluca 

If you've been to Georgetown before, you've probably stepped foot into this gourmet grocery store and drooled over the mini chocolates in the front display case. But, for a surprisingly good deal, you can get individual meals from their prepared foods section - I highly recommend the Quiche Lorraine and the Thai Spring Roll. Both are giant and delicious, and can hold you for hours.


There's something so comforting about a warm croissant or a baguette fresh from the oven. Paul delivers both, and both are excellent. My office had a box of mini croissants, chocolate croissants, and danishes one morning - gooey and chocolatey, the pain au chocolates are not to be missed, and the mini ones offer a perfect treat for those watching their summer bods.

Mr. Smiths

Lucky for me, the interns got a great meal from our bosses. Not usually a sandwich person, I ventured out of my comfort zone (sort of) to try the Ultimate Grilled Cheese - bacon, arugula, four cheeses, butter... I don't think that will be topped any time soon. Everything the other interns got looked delicious as well, so don't be afraid to try anything on the menu.

South Block 

One hot day, I was in search of a great smoothie place in Georgetown and stumbled upon the self-proclaimed 'best kept secret of Georgetown'. And to be honest, it is. I found the best acai bowl that does not exist right next to a beach, and the cutest shop. If you're in the mood for acai, like I was, try the Warrior Bowl. Its fresh, vegetarian, and huge - perfect for a filling lunch. 

For an intern, Georgetown has so many places to explore for food - I can't wait to see & show what I find in June.