Freaky and wacky flavors are popping up all over the place nowadays. If your food isn't innovative, it's often considered boring. That's why places like Morgenstern's make Sesame flavored ice cream and Oreo churns out new flavors every few weeks (thank goodness for that). Recently, in a continued flavor experiment, Pringles introduced a new Roasted Turkey flavor. Lucky for you, I did some experimenting. Here's everything you need to know about Pringles new Roasted Turkey Flavor. 

Ashley Steinberg

Million dollar question... Does it taste like turkey?

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Sydney Segal

Short answer: kind of.

Let me explain. I'll start with the smell (after all, without scent, there is no taste). When you first open the can of Pringles, you get a waft not dissimilar to turkey—albeit, deli turkey from the fridge, not fresh from the oven. Given that the packaging clearly advertises artificial flavoring, that's not a surprise, and it's still on the right track. 

The first bite is a dousing of flavor, also not unlike roasted turkey. I imagine my face looked similar to Violet's face in Willy Wonka when she tried the gum that contained a full meal—confused, excited and satisfied.

Obviously a chip can't capture the same sensations a roasted turkey does. It lacked that ever so slight crunch leading to a chewy and satisfying center. But for a chip, they kind of nailed the flavor. My first bite reminded me a ton of a soup broth, but as I continued to taste, it was very reminiscent of a turkey that's been filled with stuffing.

I put these out in my office and the general consensus was a mixed review of "it actually tastes like turkey" and "I think it tastes more like stuffing."

Is it any good?

Again, the prevailing narrative amongst myself and my friends was, it's a weird sensation to be tasting turkey in a chip, but I didn't hate it. I actually more than not-hated it. The more I tasted, the better it was. It's not exactly going to be replacing my Thanksgiving meal, but it definitely helps with the taste you crave.

So What's Next?

What, this isn't enough for you? Just kidding.

Word on the street is there's actually a Pickle-flavored Pringles coming out soon. Pringles is teaming up with Rick and Morty to create Pickle Rick crisps, which will be featured in their newest commercial during the Super Bowl and will be on shelves early February. As a hugeeeeeee pickle-lover, I for one, am very excited to try these bad boys out.

There's also a Turducken flavor pack out there somewhere (or at least there was), so do with that what you will.

TLDR: if you're not a fan of actual turkey-making this holiday, you may want to give these a try. Or even if you're just curious. They sound weird, but I guarantee they'll surprise you.