Starbucks has become one of the biggest coffee brands in the world. Not long after they opened their first store in Seattle, they expanded rapidly, and now the coffee chain has close to 24,000 stores worldwide. Here are a few reasons why Starbucks has been so successful.

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1. Concept

Starbucks has done extraordinarily well in creating a concept where everyone can have a great experience drinking coffee in an inviting ambience. Starbucks has a customer-centric culture. They see the business from the perspective of the guest. While it is relatively easy to list out guest’s wants and needs, it is not easy at all to create an environment that will satisfy all your guests.

Starbucks seemed to have done pretty well in solving that. Starbucks is smart and innovative. They have trademarked the name Frappuccino, and they keep up with trends while serving their original beverages. From regular coffee, to highly raved Unicorn Frappuccino’s, you know they have it all.

2. Location

When restaurateurs stress, it’s about location, location, location. (Okay, there are tons of other details, but this is one of the major ones) Convenience is important for all food and beverage businesses. Starbucks locations are convenient for people to meet. Regardless whether it’s business meetings, friends meeting friends, or areas where you want a little quietness to study, they’ve got it all covered. You can bump into two Starbucks locations in the same area.

However, there is one thing I found out; Starbucks hardly stresses about location. They might be paid to open a new location, just because they can attract customers so well.

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3. Ambience

Do you realise, when you walk into every Starbucks store, it still has the ability to blow your mind? You’re still going to look around and one thing we look for is COMFORT. Being at Starbucks alone has never made me feel awkward. That’s a very unique thing to note: Their color scheme, chairs, and tables worldwide are all very similar, but how are they still able to make every store seem so different?

I have heard my friends say, “Let’s go to that Starbucks, it has more feel.” The seating area makes a difference. If you are a local or visiting Las Vegas, do check out the amazing Starbucks at Bally’s. It’s so modern, so unique, so different, and so creative. 


There is only one issue with Starbucks. Their pricing. I made a poll on Instagram to see how the Millennial’s think about Starbucks pricing.

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My good friend, who only wants to be known as C once told me, "Coffee is an essential. You can’t live without it. It's either you love it or you hate it."

Additionally, you might assume that the cost price of their beverages are low and you might not be satisfied with the price you’re paying. While working in various restaurants around Asia and in Vegas, I had many customers complain about menu pricing. It is important to think about a restaurant’s cost of sales, team member wages, rental, and more. Also, you’re paying for their quality coffee beans. Has a Starbucks store ever closed? Yes, that has happened before.

5. Service

Have you ever come across a rude Starbucks staff? I sure have not. They’re fast, efficient, friendly, energetic, and they call your names out correctly, but there’s only one thing, they can’t spell it. My name has been spelled Ani, Anne, Anie … are you kidding.

All jokes aside, I really do enjoy every cup of Starbucks I’ve had, and I am happy to witness their growth throughout the years as a customer. I hope to visit all their flagship stores, and try all their beverages on the secret menu.  

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