COVID-19; while it's been the bane of my existence next to a few other things, I can say that being in and out of quarantine for over two months hasn't been how I imagined my 2020 playing out. While the hospitality industry took a massive hit because of the virus, the alcohol industry is doing quite well... thanks for asking. While some companies aren't doing anything to give back to the outside world during this pandemic, there are companies that are doing good in the world, and their secret weapon is Givz.


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Christin Urso

The thing with alcohol purchases is that during this whole mess that we call COVID-19, there's been a 55% increase in them during this time of need. This includes hard seltzer, beer, wine, tequila, and all of the other hard liquors that I've successfully failed to list here. 

You're probably wondering where Givz ties into all of this, and I'm here to tell you just that. Givz helps alcohol companies give back during this time by helping them with giving 100% of donations to COVID-19 charities. Alcohol brands that have participated in this include Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, Ciroc, and Kettle One. However, tomorrow, May 23, 2020, Sapporo is going to be added as a partner, so they too will be helping to give back to COVID-19 charities. 

Chances are, you're already buying alcohol from some of Givz partners, and since you're doing such, you're essentially helping to give back to COVID-19 charities. Good for you on that, and happy drinking.