Oh dating, how exciting and nerve racking it can get. Between showering, picking out an outfit and then another one… and another one…  there’s no time to worry about how the date will actually go and what to talk about! Here’s a guide to some restaurants in Binghamton that are romantic and conversation starters to make your first date a success. So if a guy actually does ask you on a date instead of saying, “I’ll meet you downtown,” here’s how to make it count and hopefully lead to something more.

1. Social on State

first date

Photo courtesy of socialonstate.com

Yes, you can actually go to State Street and not go to the bars. This new restaurant has a super classy and intimate vibe. Tapas style encourages you to share entrees and try new and interesting dishes you have probably never tried before; a great conversation starter. You’ll be able to gauge how adventurous he/she is when it comes to food. Lastly, you can see how has the better wrestling skills when it comes to grabbing the last piece of delectable fried ice-cream dessert.

2. Saki Tumi

first date

Photo by Sandy Huang

Another restaurant dedicated to a great vibe and even better first date. Sushi is a great date cuisine as it also encourages you and your date to share some crazy new sushi rolls. Try something you’ve never tried before, like eel, and see your reactions to how you like it. It’ll be funny and all around a great time and may cause just the spark you’re looking for. Beware: both of you must like sushi ahead of time, otherwise it may get a bit awkward

3. The Lost Dog

first date

Photo by Elyse Belarge

The Lost Dog is a classic staple in the city of Binghamton. Although the only thing you two will probably end up ordering is the Rigatoni Ala Vodka, it’s definitely a great place for a first date. The cool hipster setting is a great vibe for the first date to sit back relax and enjoy a fun evening.

4. Cortese Restaurant

first date

Photo courtesy of bighungryshelby.blogspot.com

Of course you can never go wrong with Italian! Everyone has their signature dish they love to get at a great Italian restaurant. With a magical and fancy atmosphere surrounding you, it will definitely create a great first date memory. A low-pressure environment to get food that you know will be amazing and hopefully an amazing date to go along with it. Oh and they have great pizza too!

5. Dillingers Pub & Eatery

first date

Photo courtesy of dillengerspub.com

This is great place to actually eat a nice meal and then move to the bar for some casual drinking and maybe even venture into playing pool afterwards. Just make sure you get there early enough before all the party-goers get there.. there’s nothing more awkward on a first date than losing your date amongst the drunk crowd.

Now although most of us are sticking with partying for now instead of trying the dating scene, if a nice guy comes along, or if you are the nice guy reading this, go for a great first date and forget State Street for a night. It’ll be a fun, exciting experience that can possibly lead to a new relationship or just a night to explore new places with a new person.