Spring is right around the corner, which means good food and a good mood. Easter is your excuse to indulge in all of your favorite treats. I am already prepared for chocolate ~everything~. Keep reading for Spoon HQ's list of Easter snacks you need to try this year: 

1) Chocolate Truffles 

Jelly Belly
Chocolate Truffles, $14, www.jellybelly.com, Shop Now 

You had to know I would put the chocolate snack first. Jelly Belly's NEW Chocolate Truffles are filled with Cherry, Vanilla, Coconut, and Mint flavors that you are sure to be obsessed with. This 4.8 oz gift box is guaranteed to make your loved ones and stomachs happy this Easter. Or, you can place the candies in Easter Eggs to upgrade your Easter Egg hunt! Whichever you choose, this chocolate treat is a must-buy.

2) SOUR PATCH KIDS Watermelon Jelly Beans 

Watermelon Jelly Beans, $3, www.sourpatchkids.com, Shop Now 

Okay, I am super excited about this news. SOUR PATCH KIDS outdid themselves by introducing SOUR PATCH KIDS Watermelon Jelly Beans just in time for Easter. This 13oz. bag is inspired by the popular candy and available at retailers nationwide. Swedish Fish also kicked it up a notch by bringing back Swedish Fish Jelly Beans at only $3 per 13oz. bag, based on the classic candy. Please go grab some so that I am not purchasing them all! 

3) Sour Bunnies

Jelly Belly
Sour Bunnies, $3, www.jellybelly.com, Shop Now 

If you are looking for an Easter basket treat, these Sour Bunnies are the perfect addition. These bunny-shaped marshmallow's come in apple, cherry, grape, and lemonade flavors. At only $3, make your holiday sweeter with Jelly Belly's products. 

4) Bunny Shape Sugar Cookie Dough

Bunny Cookie Dough, $3, www.pillsbury.com, Shop Now

No one can convince me that these cookies are not the best treat to come out of the holidays. Pillsbury's Bunny Shape Sugar Cookie Dough consists of 20 pre-cut cookies that are ready to bake whenever you wish. The brand also came out with Ready-to-Bake! Lucky Charms Cookie Dough, Chick Shape Cookie Dough, and Egg Shape Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough. The Lucky Charms Cookie Dough is filled with their famous marshmallow bits, satisfying your ultimate sweet tooth. I know what I am baking on Friday night:) 

5) Speckled Chocolate Malted Eggs 

Jelly Belly
Malted Eggs, $8, www.jellybelly.com, Shop Now 

Need a chocolate fix?! Jelly Belly has your back with this Speckled Chocolate Malted Eggs Gift Bag. With a layer of cream chocolate covered in colorful candy shells, these crispy malt balls are a fan favorite. At 4.6 oz a bag, treat yourself or a friend to this delicious snack. 

6) Cheryl's Cookies Marshmallow Pops 

Cheryl's Cookies
Marshmallow Pops, www.cheryls.com, $30, Shop Now

I might have to bring back my marshmallow obsession for this treat. Cheryl's Cookies has done it again with the brand's Celebration Marshmallow Pops, featuring 6 individually wrapped pops garnished with festive sprinkles. The company is also offering Buttercream Frosted Easter Cut-out Cookies for the perfect holiday dessert. My sweet tooth is excited.

7) The Popcorn Factory Tins

The Popcorn Factory
Popcorn Tin, www.thepopcornfactory.com, $30, Shop Now

This snack is popping for sure. The Popcorn Factory has you covered with the Tins With Pop Hoppy Easter Bunny option. Butter Popcorn, Cheese Popcorn, and Caramel Popcorn are all included in the 1.75 Gallon Pink tin for the perfect Easter Sunday. Let me tell you first-hand, the Cheese Popcorn is delicious! With a fun snack and tin like this, you cannot go wrong. 

8) Easter Bunny Quartet 

Simply Chocolate
Chocolate Bunnies, $30, www.simplychocolate.com, Shop Now 

A classic chocolate treat is always a win for your Easter basket. The Simply Chocolate Easter Bunny Quartet is comprised of two milk chocolate bunnies, one dark chocolate bunny, and one white chocolate bunny. With a decorated gift box and a Happy Easter gift tag, this is a great addition to your family holiday. 

9) NERDS Easter Rope 

Easter Rope, $6, www.target.com, Shop Now 

Talking to all of the NERDS out there- this candy is for you. The brand introduced NERDS 40-ct Hoppin' Easter Rope that screams Spring in fun colors. This soft gummy rope is garnished with pink, yellow, and blue NERDS for that extra crunch. Perfect for Easter baskets- the candies are individually wrapped and come in small pouches!

10) SweeTARTS Jelly Beans 


SweeTARTS Jelly Beans, $3, www.target.com, Shop Now 

There is no Easter without Jelly Beans, and SweeTARTS has the perfect option. If you are looking for a sweet and tart snack, then this treat is definitely for you! The candy is available in three different sizes: 3.7 oz, 5.4 oz, and 14 oz. Sounds like a great addition to your holiday. 

11) Nestlé Toll House Morsels & More 

Olivia Bria
Morsels & More, $4, www.walmart.com, Shop Now 

Nestlé Toll House released the brand's new product, Morsels & More, with two limited-edition flavors. Strawberries & Cream Flavor contains an assortment of graham cracker pieces, white morsels, and strawberry-flavored chunks. Spring Easter Basket consists of egg candies, pretzel sticks, and peanut-butter flavored morsels. These combinations are perfect as a topping, mix-in, or snack. The company also brought back their Nestlé Toll House Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough that I will be purchasing immediately.  

12) Lindt Easter CharCUTErie Board

Olivia Bria
Charcuterie Board, www.lindtusa.com, Shop Now 

Here it is: the charcuterie board of your dreams. The Lindt Easter CharCUTErie Board can take the place of your Easter basket this year with delicious chocolate treats. You can build your own by following along with the map that Lindt created for the occasion. Assemble it with your family by gathering your favorite Lindt treats and using the pro-template to create the ultimate dessert board. The best part? You can add in anything you want! A sweet idea for sure.

13) Baked by Melissa Cupcakes 

Olivia Bria

Spring Fling Cupcakes, $32, www.bakedbymelissa.com, Shop Now 

My love for this company continues to grow by the minute. Baked by Melissa is at is again with the best Easter assortments that include flavors like: S'moreo, Chocolate Creme Egg, Vanilla & Sprinkles, Deconstructed Cookie Dough, Chocolate Electric Tie-Dye, and Triple Chocolate Fudge. If that doesn't convince you, the brand offers nationwide shipping and gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan options. Available until April 14th, I recommend you order this dessert pack ASAP.

This snack line-up is perfect for anyone with a sweet-tooth. Whether you are searching for an Easter basket filler, or a sugary treat to munch on, these products are the way to go. Make the Easter Bunny proud and celebrate the holiday in style.