It's the new year and everyone is looking to add something new to their skincare routines. One of my favorite parts of my routine is using my homemade sugar scrubs. They are so easy to make and most, if not all, of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen already. They are perfect to use on your body and hands, just be careful using it on your face. Why are sugar scrubs are a better option than store bought ones? Well, there are a few reasons really. 

1. They are easy and inexpensive to make.

The ingredients are pretty basic and you may have most of them at home. If you don't, they can be found at your local grocery store.

2. Store bought products can be bad for the environment.

Because the exfoliant is sugar in our homemade scrubs, rather than microbeads, our product is much safer for the earth. Microbeads are tiny plastic balls that are used mostly for exfoliants in skincare products but they are nearly impossible to filter out of water so they end up in the oceans. Once in the oceans, and freshwater bodies, they contribute to the pollution and absorb the pollutants in the water. Using sugar as an exfoliant instead, is an easy way to opt for more environmentally friendly options

3. You can customize your scrubs to your liking. 

There are tons of recipes online and most of them are pretty similar, but there are endless ways to personalize your sugar scrubs. One of my favorite ways to change up recipes is to try different essential oils based on their benefits to create something unique to myself or someone I am gifting this too. Here is a page that discusses different essential oils and their benefits. Some of my favorites are lavender and peppermint. Essential oils also just make your product smell yummy. Another way to personalize your scrubs is to color them using food dye. There are endless combinations to try and I like to color my scrub to match its scent. 

Here are a few of my favorite recipes!

Lavender and Lemon

Photo courtesy of One Little Project

This is the recipe I have tried the most recently and I love it because it suggests that you melt the coconut oil first which makes it much easier to mix into the sugar. These are also a few of my favorite scents. 

Rose and Gingerbread

Photo courtesy of The Little Pine

This article has five recipes to try and they all smell incredible. Some of these require a few more ingredients, but nothing crazy. 


Photo courtesy of The Idea Room

This is one of my all time favorites because I love grapefruit and it smells fresh and clean when you use it.


Photo courtesy of The Idea Room

You know I had to include a recipe for a chocolate scrub because you can't go wrong with chocolate. 

In the end, these recipes for your own homemade sugar scrubs are guaranteed to make your hands and body feel softer than ever, and they come with so many benefits.