February is National Potato Lovers Month. As proud potato lovers, we should've spent the month celebrating (or spending every weekend at a new brunch restaurant). But, we simply could not do such a thing in a time like this. We have noticed an injustice in the potato community. There is a rampant problem of breakfast potato identity fraud among breakfast potatoes, home fries and hash browns. 

Breakfast is the best meal of the day. Hands down. No questions asked. But in our years of frequenting breakfast establishments at any time of day, we have noticed an injustice in the wonderful world of breakfast. There seems to be some misconception that home fries and hash browns are the same thing and that they are interchangeable on a menu. 

They are not interchangeable on a menu. They are not the same. 

Hash browns are shredded potatoes fried in oil until golden brown (disclaimer: hash browns may sometimes be found in patty-form, like McDonald's.) Home fries are diced potatoes pan-fried until crispy outside and soft inside. Breakfast potatoes are roasted or baked in an oven, usually with garlic, peppers, and onions. There is no gray area here. There is a distinct difference that makes each and every side order unique in its own way. And we are here as advocates to speak up for the voiceless and even the tiniest of spuds in order to put an end to this urgent problem

Exhibit A: Hash Browns

Exhibit B: Home Fries

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Vienna Terrell

Exhibit C: Breakfast Potatoes

Imagine This Scenario...

We love going out for breakfast, but we are both terribly impatient. There's normal anticipation and then there is the two of us, sitting in a restaurant, staring anxiously as we wait for our waiter to come bring our breakfast food. Imagine Allie Hamilton levels of waiting. By the time the plates hit the table, we've written our waiter enough Yelp reviews for a year.

Then, FINALLY the food comes and the disappoint sets in. The potatoes on the plate that has been placed in front of me are not the home fries that the menu claimed to offer, but are hash browns or *god forbid* roasted potatoes.

What does one do in that situation?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It is too late now to say sorry. Now the only thing left to do is to sit in potato-shame and shove your face with hash browns, when all you really wanted were some home fries. But let's face it, you're still going to eat them...because potatoes are potatoes, love is love is love is love.

This is not a comparison, or even a ranking of "which breakfast potato is the best." All three are beautiful, incredible potato creations. This is about something bigger – this is about injustice, not competition. Spread awareness.