If you're anything like me, peanut butter or almond butter is a staple in your diet. It's probably the most versatile foods and tastes good on just about anything. Whether they're on a sandwich, oatmeal, cookies, or just eaten with a spoon, nut butters are a the glue that holds the body together. If you're looking for some change from your typical Skippy, Jif or Smuckers spreads, you may want to try these protein-packed ones instead.


P28 spreads not only taste good, but a 2 Tbsp. serving contains 14 grams of protein-nearly double the amount in a regular nut butter. These spreads come in flavors such as regular peanut butter, white chocolate (my favorite), apple crisp, caramel cashew, and even have seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice and gingerbread for all you basics out there.

Buff Bake

If you like your spreads to be on the gritty side, these are perfect for you. Buff Bake spreads are either almond based or peanut based and are all made with chia, flax, and whey protein which will help to keep you full and avoid eating the whole jar (although it may be hard, they're delicious!) Buff Bake has flavors such as birthday cake, chocolate chip, and even red velvet so you'll be sure to find one you love. 

Nuts 'N More

Nuts 'N More spreads are perfect for you if you like a smoother, runnier peanut butter. Just like the previous spreads, these ones pack a decent amount of protein while still tasting like dessert. They come in both almond and peanut butter variations and the chocolate maple pretzel even has pieces of pretzels inside.

D's Naturals Fluffbutter

Here's a warning: if you lack self control around peanut butter then maybe this spread isn't for you. D's Naturals high protein spread is somehow both creamy and gritty, but also whipped and airy. It is delicious whether melted, spread or just spooned. The s'mores flavor ranks #1 out of all peanut butter spreads in my book but other flavors such as vanilla maple, salted caramel and bananas foster are also worth a purchase.

G Butter

This unique spread is lower in fat and calories than most peanut butters which just means you should eat even more of it. It's also packed with protein and made with a unique nut blend. Besides eating it as a spread, G Butter can also me microwaved for a minute and turns into a cake or brownie.

You Fresh Naturals 

You Fresh Naturals not only produces "Muscle Butter" which is a high-protein nut butter, but they also make "Muscle Frosting" which is a frosting-like high-protein spread and these come in flavors such as birthday cake, sugar cookie, cookie dough, and even glazed donut. Each jar additionally is topped with fun add-ons such as sprinkles and chocolate chips, which makes each bite better than the first!

So next time you find yourself running out of your staple jar of Jif peanut butter, try out one of these spreads instead– you'll thank me later.