Coffee — it's something that comes in a multitude of forms. You can drink it from a plastic cup, from a styrofoam cup, from a mug, from a tumbler, etc, etc. No two coffee cups are the same, but what if I told you that you can drink coffee from a can? Yes, a can like what you drink soda out of. It's pretty unique if you ask me, but it's also practical for when you're on the go and you just don't have the time to make some coffee at home. On that note, High Brew Coffee and brand ambassador Halsey have some coffee-related news for you.

What do I need to know?

Photo Courtesy of High Brew

The thing is, Austin based High Brew Coffee has announced the launch of its limited-edition Toasted Coconut Latte flavor (made with plant-based milk) in partnership with brand ambassador multi-platinum singer/songwriter, Halsey. The can's design was drawn by Halsey herself, and she did a pretty solid job with it, given that she probably has no training with art itself (asides from music). According to an information sheet, "For each case of the limited-edition cold brew sold, High Brew is donating 15% of Amazon proceeds to Feeding America a charity that was personally selected by Halsey and one that is close to her heart. Halsey uses High Brew Coffee’s clean energy benefits to keep her caffeinated night after night on stage. Priding herself in being involved with the creative and innovation process, Toasted Coconut Latte is her go-to. Since she follows a dairy-free diet, Halsey was adamant the new product utilizes plant-based milk, and the new flavor features coconut and cashew milk for a delicious, indulgent cold brew that is the perfect pick-me-up to fuel anyone’s art aspirations and beyond."

While I'm down for trying new caffeinated beverages, I have yet to try this, so I should probably have it in the morning as my morning coffee... although I'm pretty loyal to my cold brew with almond milk. If you're one that needs coffee at all times, I highly recommend picking up this limited edition flavor before it's gone forever... not to sound cliche, but I guess that was in fact cliche.