There comes a time, usually twice or thrice a week, when one is stuck with a massive dilemma: “What do I order for dinner?” The options of GrubHub get tiring – there are only so many chicken pesto paninis from Allegros, omlettes from Greek Lady, and smart rolls from Mizu that we can order before our stomachs begin to rebel and ask for something new. Trying new places is scary – we know, after all, that if the food is gross, your night is clearly ruined. So, Spoon is taking the guesswork out of ordering in. Without further ado, here are the gems of GrubHub.

1. Kansai. This is your new go-to Japanese place. Kansai’s special rolls are more diverse than those at Mizu – I personally love the “Spicy Girl” roll, with fried avocado, spicy salmon, eel sauce and peanut powder – and items tend to run cheaper. Beyond sushi, Kansai offers a number of hot plates, like udon and salmon teriyaki. If you’re ordering lunch (or sneakily ordering early and saving the food for later), opt for the “3 roll special”, which gives you 3 rolls, salad and miso soup for only $11.

2. Rotisseur. Order this when you’re homesick for a home-cooked meal (or if you come from a household like mine, a meal from Stew Leonard’s) or if you’re just really in the mood for chicken. At Rotisseur, if you order with friends, you can get a whole chicken and two large sides for just $30 (probably enough for 2-3 people). The mac and cheese, beet and feta salad, kale chips and corn muffins are great accompaniments. Feeling a little more adventurous? Spring for the chicken bahn mi sandwich. The special mayo dripped on it will rock your world. Keep in mind that the rotisserie chicken is a combination of light and dark meat.

3. Lemongrass Thai. A great find for people into Thai but not too daring when it comes to it. Definitely try the veggie lemon grass soup to start and give a sweet finish to your meal with the mango sticky rice. Plates vary from plain to spicy and ethnic. You can go for a classic chicken satay with peanut sauce (be warned, only 3 pieces come in an order) or get a little crazy with chicken mussaman curry. The problem at many thai places is enormous plate sizes (because they think you have an eating buddy even though, let’s be real, we’re #ForeverAloneInHuntsman), but Lemongrass gives you just enough to be satisfied without passing out because you’re so full.

Legends of the Hidden Grub

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4. Hot Diggity! Last spring, after hours of sitting alone in a random empty classroom during finals, a friend and I decided we needed to treat ourselves. We ordered Hot Diggity, splitting 5 dogs between the two of us. Best. Move. Ever. Yeah, paying a $5 delivery fee for hot dogs is kind of annoying, but you’re splitting with friends and these are fantastic hot dogs. My favorites were The Big Kahuna (pineapple salsa!) and The Fiesta Dog (guacamole!), but you’re sure to kill it with any option. The fries are pretty good, but kind of a waste of stomach space when you could be enjoying another one of these puppies (get it?).

Cubano at Rosa Blanca

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5. Rosa Blanca. Garces’ new Cuban diner on GrubHub = breakfast-in-bed for dinner. The torrijas (basically a Cuban french toast) will satisfy any sweet tooth, and the huevos (cooked your way with a choice of toppings ranging from arepas to fried plantains to classic bacon) are a huge step up from the oily eggs you get from Greek Lady. If you’re going for dinner foods, try the empanada de queso filled with ricotta and mozzarella cheese, the shrimp enchilada, and, of course, the cubano sanduche. Anything you try will be different from what you’ve been eating lately—and isn’t that why you’re reading this article in the first place?