Ok, so it's summer. everyone is grilling. And I don't know about the people in your life, but the ones in my life fall into two grill-related categories. The "I don't know what I'm doing, but I'll wing it" or the "I'm king of the grill/grillmaster". If you fall into the latter, you're gonna want to read on (and if you don't, you should still read on and pass this along to your "grillmaster" friend—you'll see why).

Reynolds Wrap is giving everyone the chance to prove their chops, and it comes with a hefty and exciting prize.

What's Going On?

Guy Fieri and Anthony Bourdain traveled all over the US finding the best eats. Both have/had some kind of culinary past whether it was professional or at-home learning. Well, what if I told you that you have the chance to travel, eat and cook like these legends?

From August 1st through August 13th, you have the chance to apply to be Reynolds Wrap's new "Chief Grilling Officer", acting as their field expert by eating food, documenting your experience and getting paid.

We Get Paid?

Yup! In addition to grilling and photographing your creations to be featured on ReynoldsKitchen.com and their social channels, they'll also be hooking you up at some incredible restaurants throughout the US, a friend can tag along, and they're paying you $10k to do it.

That's $10,000 to travel on their dime, eat, and "share tips, techniques and pictures of your travels."

Seriously, you'd be living the dream. And if your friend is the one with the grilling chops, you get to live the even better dream of all play while they work. Win-win.

So How Do I Enter?

Send an email to ReynoldsCGO@gmail.com explaining in 100 words why you're the best person for the job along with your best original grilling photo.

Be bold. Be creative. Stand out! And send an email now to enter for your chance to win (or submit for a friend so you can be their plus one, taste some incredible food and maybe get a piece of the prize money).