When it comes to candy, there seems to be a clear divide between chocolate lovers and fruity-gummie lovers—I'm on the chocolate side. Whether it's chocolate in it's purest form, coated with a candy shell, or mixed with pretzels and crunch, count me in. So fellow chocolate lovers, hear me out—Hershey just released a Triple Chocolate Cookie Layer Crunch bar, and it is bomb.

Here's What's Up

The new Hershey's Triple Chocolate Cookie Layer Crunch bar launched appropriately on Dec. 4, National Cookie Day. It's made chocolate cookie bits in chocolate crème, coated entirely in milk chocolate.

I got a chance to try it this week and let me tell you, Hershey's is not playing around here. It's rich and creamy and decadent tasting. My coworker even asked if I was sure it was Hershey's—it tastes way more expensive, like one of those chocolate truffles you'd get from a gourmet candy shop.

Ellie Conley

The best part about it, however, is that although it tastes fancy, it's not sold for a fancy price. A bag with nine small Cookie Layer Crunch bars goes for $4.19, while a King Size bar goes for $1.69.  

Yes, There Are Others

The Triple Chocolate flavor is new to Hershey's Cookie Layer Crunch bar line. The snack/candy debuted last December and already comes in three other flavors: Caramel, Vanilla Crème (which is most like your traditional cookies and cream), and Mint Crème.

ust in time for the sweet holiday, The Hershey Company announced the product portfolio, Triple Chocolate.The new flavor is a chocolate lover’s dream, made from chocolate crème, chocolate cookie bits and milk chocolate.

Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch bars, launched in December of last year, combine the classic Hershey’s Chocolate that consumers know and love with layers of cookie bits and decedent filing. Now offered in four assorted flavors and sizes for snacking convenience including:

You can look for these at your nearest drugstore or grocery store, and then definitely sneak them into the movie theater. There's a ton of awesome movies coming out, and the only thing I want by my side in the love seat are some cookies and chocolate.