“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is a commonly used expression to describe how every person views things differently. We all have opinions and beliefs that change the way we perceive the world. Although, recently it seems that beauty is in the eye of the famous Instagram account or Twitter extraordinaire.

Technology has completely restructured the way we perceive the world. As technology boomed, so did the creation of the apps we know and love today. We have all fallen victim and prey to the addictive and persuasive outlets of social media. Not a day goes by where I don’t check my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. But until recently I never really realized how major of an affect it had on my everyday decisions. Specifically, the way social media influences the foods I consume everyday.

How many of us see an incredible picture on Instagram by one of our many “friends” and find our mouths salivating at the click of a like? How many of us instantly want to run to that restaurant to try this food based off the picture we just viewed? I know I do.

Power of instagram

Photo courtesy of @hungrybetches on instagram.com

And how many of us show up to the restaurant where the famous Instagram picture was taken and know exactly what we are going to order before even looking at the menu. This occurs for two reasons:

1. We also want a totally rad picture on our Instagram accounts.

2. It is easier than taking the time to look on the menu for something else we may enjoy.

I always find myself becoming curious of the lifestyle people lived 20 years ago (pre social media wave). Nearly twenty years ago people went to restaurants without the help or persuasion of their Instagram/Twitter followers. I wonder how they were able to find a satisfying menu option without the help of their #instafriends.

Power of instagram

Photo courtesy of thejealouscrumpet.com

I’m not suggesting that the power of Instagram or food blogging is necessarily a bad thing. I’m just asking you to ask yourself why you’re ordering the food that you are. Is it because you genuinely want to try the thing you’re ordering? Or do you have an interest in the food you’re about to eat for an aesthetically pleasing reason?

Social media has the power to be empowering and informing and has helped us all become more knowledgeable. But I urge you to not let it consume you or let it choose what you consume. Take a minute and think about it the next time you’re at a hot new spot. Order what you really want. Not what your Instagram followers want to see on their timeline.