If you can trust anyone in the kitchen, there’s a 100% chance it’s Amy “Oh Bite It” Erickson, no question. To Foodbeast, and surely the rest of her devoted following, she is the Mother Teresa of the Internet-chef world, having borderline magical creations like “Rainbow Pizza” and “Cinnamon Roll Shot Glasses” claimed to her name. Saying we’re big fans puts things mildly.

Most recently, our beloved culinary queen penned a recipe for a taco-frittata hybrid—the Tacottata! Has a nice ring, no?

Crispy, zesty, and crunchy—the Tacottata is all of the above, and we’re beyond grateful that she’s shared it with the rest of the world. The recipe goes hand in hand with ConAgra’s #GreatAmericanCookIn Challenge, in which the company is encouraging us all to stay in and cook our own meals for one week this month rather than go out to eat. Though, with the magic instructions below in existence, that’s more than enough to keep us in the kitchen. Thanks, Amy.