We have seen the world transform in the last couple of years – from large telephones to sleek smartphones, from waiting for days to get a letter to instant messages and video conferencing. The revolution is not limited to technology, even the food we eat today has changed so much. It is not just what we eat but how we eat it, where we eat and when we eat it.

Here are some examples to convince you that food has come a long way.

1. Healthy Food


Photo by Danielle Cahoon

Ten years ago, healthy food was whatever your mom made for dinner.

But now the meaning of healthy has changed. Today, “healthy” means fancy. A healthy salad is a fashion statement with virgin olive oil, lettuce, broccoli and the other never ending variety of salad spreads. It is fashionable, it is tasty, and it is healthy. It’s a great time to be alive…right?

2. Eating Out


Photo by Charlotte Said

Eating out is very pleasant now…or was it better earlier?

Eating out was an alien concept for our parents, but still if they felt like it, they would go out to the nearest restaurant for a tandoor. Or maybe even McDonalds, if they were feeling fancy.

But today, like everything else, we have more options than we could possibly every need. Chinese Italian Mexican, Pan Asian, South Indian, Awadhi, Rajasthani – you name a cuisine and there is a restaurant near you.

3.  Street Food


Photo by Aditya Gupta

We all love chilli potatoes, momos and chow mein. But a few years ago, the street food in Delhi was way different. The omnipresent Chinese vans that have now become the source of spice in our otherwise bland lives were not there nearly five years ago. Imagine thaaaat!

4. Breakfast


Photo by Aditya Gupta

What did you have for breakfast today? Bread? Cereal? Something British? Nothing? These are the trends of modern times. Back in the glory days, people were not allowed to step out of their house before eating a good hearty nutritious meal.

5. Packaged Food


Picture by Tarunima Kumar

It is convenient, it satisfies the taste buds, it is instant and hence it is extremely popular. Say goodbye to spending hours in that hot kitchen to get the family recipes just right. Pop one of these in the microwave and have a five star meal at your home in less than five minutes.

Today, it has also become one of the best way to impress your date with your “cooking” skills. Sadly, it is not the healthiest thing for your body.

6. Munches


Photo by Yatin Arora

Earlier people had breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe some snacks. The concept of munches has evolved recently. But now they are an essential. Late night studying? Movie marathons? Sleepovers? You can always depend on munches!

We need to munch away the stress at the office, we need to munch away the bad breakups and heartache, we need to much away every little thing that causes us stress. These munches taste heavenly, fit our pocket money and come in so many flavours.

7. Party Food


Photo by Libby Perold

Earlier women used to spend the whole day in the kitchen to prepare a feast for dinner with husband’s boss, small family gatherings, birthdays and what not. The preparations were elegant and everything was made out of love and secret family recipes.

But today if you are having a get-together, an amazing and customised pizza is just a phone call away. Delivered in thirty minutes or less at your doorstep.

8. Chefs and Cookery Shows


GIF courtesy of Giphy.com

There were not many celebrity chefs in our country earlier. But thanks to Youtube and cookery shows like Masterchef, every hard-working mother can be a celebrity chef and every foodie can become a food critic.

Thank you, Internet!

9. Fresh Fruits


Photo by Tarunima

Energy drinks, caffeine, even juices have taken the place of fruits as energy foods. But those who have experienced it, know that nothing beats eating a mango on a summer night under the stars. Having an apple in place of coffee will wake you up faster and bananas give instant energy and even cure depression.

Always remember – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”