This past Saturday I took on the challenge of eating everything provided to the students that attended Madipalooza. My goal was accomplished. I have won.

Please enjoy these real, yet very embarrassing photos of me stuffing my face with all the goooods from Madipalooza.

And yes, I am available for modeling contracts. Please contact my agent.

1. Cotton Candy


Photo by Lauren Timms

Clearly I went for the sugar upon arrival. I needed to get PUMPED, and it was possibly the first thing I saw (read:lazy). Try making this homemade cotton candy frap at home when you’re in need of a sugar high.

2. BBQ


Guest appearance by my sister, Kathryn “Trine-dawg” Timms. Much love to her for trying out this meat dish, since I’m a vegetarian and it wasn’t going to happen for me.  She said it was “soooo good.” Obvs you can take her word for it, because she’s pretty much eating it in one bite.

3. Cookies


Ignore my “ewww, she did what?” face, this cookie was actually amazing. I was just practicing different looks for my modeling contract.

4. Veggie Wrap


To the lady in Convo who saw me bend down reaaaaal close to the wrap to see what was inside of it, I apologize. When she told me they were veggie wraps I wolfed down 3. I was so happy. For those of you meat eating individuals, try out this healthy chicken burrito wrap for some serious noms.

5. Hot Dogs


She’s back (!!!). Another appearance by the meat-demolisher herself, Trine-dawg. She ate this puppy in a minute flat. Make this pizza hot dog rn.

6. Donut Holes


I saw a worker put out a sign that read “donut holes”, and I knew I wasn’t going to move until they brought them out. This consisted of me waiting for 20 minutes right in front of the table with Officer Conley giving me strange looks. Hey, a girl will do anything for true love. In my case, donuts fall under that category. In the picture above, I have 3 stuffed in my mouth. Ur welcome. I may look pained, but I promise, it is sheer excitement.

7. Chipotle


Keep your pants on (even though I took mine right off), Madipalooza did not actually have Chipotle. I decided to reward myself with a fantastic day of eating with more food. Because I’m logical like that.