By definition, if you’re a college student you’re probably lazy, broke, hungry, or some combination of the three. Luckily for Colgate students, though, there are some super easy ways to remedy these problems. Every week, all across campus, there are opportunities for free food. And everyone should take advantage. I’ve compiled a list of all 13 of them below for maximum eating possibilities. You’re welcome.


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No free food events today, but learn how to seriously upgrade your dining hall meal here.


1. Study Break, ALANA Cultural Center, 5:30 AM – 7:00 AM

2. Discussion on Identity, Narcissism, and Intermedial Dissonance, Robert Ho Lecture Room in Lawrence Hall, 4:00 PM5:30 PM

3. Exhibition Opening Reception, Longyear Museum in Alumni Hall, 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM


1. Lavender Graduation and Awards, Multipurpose Room in ALANA Cultural Center, 4:30 PM6:00 PM

2. Chipwich Study Break, Batza Room in Case Library, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


1. Brown Bag for Feminist Praxis and the Places We Learn Part 1, Center for Women’s Studies in East Hall, 11:30 AM12:30 PM

2. Interfaith Dinners, Chapel Basement, 6:00 PM7:00 PM

3. Donovan’s Pub Trivia, Donovan’s Pub, 7:30 PM9:30 PM

4. Spoon Colgate Spring Community Experience, Batza Room in Case Library, 8:30 PM9:30 PM


1. Hot Chocolate Handout, Academic Quad, 7:45 AM12:00 PM

2. Shabbat Services and Dinner, Michael Saperstein Jewish Center, 5:00 PM6:00 PM

3. The Feast, Academic Quad, 6:00 PM8:00 PM


No free food events today, but try some of these hacks to spice up your Frank meal.


1. Catholic Mass, Memorial Chapel, 9:00 PM10:00 PM


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Now get out there and get yourself a free meal.