With the FSU vs. UF football game steadily approaching, tensions are at an all time high on campus as we prepare to assert our dominance over the Gators once again. Naturally, we couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to make anything and everything about food, so we cooked up a little friendly competition with our rivals over at the swamp.

Here’s what’s going down: Spoon FSU and Spoon UF are taking this infamous annual battle from the football field to social media. Basically, we’re throwing down on Instagram—foodie style. We’re asking all of you Seminoles to hashtag your very best food porn photos with #fsuspoonrivals, beginning November 19 and ending on November 28, (game day). At that time, we’ll count how many hashtagged photos each campus has to determine which school will reign supreme.

For a little added incentive, we’ve decided that the losing campus will have to be filmed singing the winning school’s fight song. The winning campus will also get to create a not-so-delicious, quite possibly nauseating concoction of their choice for the losing team to eat. Ugh—can you even imagine the horror of having to do the *shudder*…gator chomp? I highly doubt that any of you would be all that thrilled to see us enduring that kind of humiliation. This is why we need YOU to get eating, get snapping, and get hashtaggin’!

FSU vs. UF

Courtesy of fansided.com

As if you needed more motivation to put the Gators to shame, Spoon FSU is offering you all a little prize for particularly stellar entries. We’ll be choosing 3 of our favorite photos to feature on our official Instagram page (free shout out, yes please), and the best photo will win a gift card to a restaurant of his or her choice. Yes, you read that right. Are you picturing all the free Momo’s pizza that could potentially be in your future? Of course you are. We know you have plenty of drool-worthy food pics in your camera roll, so upload that ish and show the Gators who the real champions are. Like they didn’t already know. Remember, Seminoles, this isn’t some silly little filter-drenched Insta game. This is war.