With most of the drama following Season 10 of "The Bachelorette" focused on Andi and Josh's rough waters, many of you may have forgotten Marquel Martin– one of my all-time favorite contestants on the show. While every season has its crazies, Marquel's unique trademark was something I think all of us can get behind: an extreme love of cookies.

A Cookie Obsession Turned Kickstarter Campaign...

When he returned to the screen for Season 1 of "Bachelor in Paradise," I decided to check up on Marquel and see what he was up to. I came across a Kickstarter campaign that he started after Season 10 of "The Bachelorette" wrapped up to fund a company called Social Cookie.

The idea behind this company was to open a lounge/cookie shop hybrid in Las Vegas that would also ship globally, deliver late-night, and help charities. It would be social media-inspired (hence the name) in that they would develop cookies based on what's popular and trending, like an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge cookie that Marquel talks about in his Kickstarter video.

So it turns out Marquel was genuinely trying to turn his passion for cookies into a career. His campaign began in November of 2014 with a goal of raising $50,000, but unfortunately the campaign only raised $7,771 before it closed. So if it failed in 2014, why am I still talking about it?

The Status of Social Cookie Now...

It appears that Marquel still tried to pursue Social Cookie even after the failed Kickstarter. In 2015, the company made cookies for different food and charity events, and the social media accounts were filled with pictures of cookies in the making. By 2016 though, these posts slowly began to stop.

While neither Social Cookie's website nor social media platforms have been updated recently (since about early 2016), if enough Bachelor fans rally behind Marquel, maybe he could regain the momentum he needs to reach the company's goal of "Social Cookie becoming a premium cookie lounge here in Las Vegas." 

So who knows, maybe Marquel's ultimate cookie dream will come true soon. Maybe if we're lucky, producers will swap DeMario out for him on the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise" Until then, there's one thing I know for sure– nothing is stoppin' this guy from eating cookies to his heart's content.