Cal Poly ice cream may or may not have been a (major) factor I considered when deciding what college to attend. As soon as I arrived in SLO, I was eager not only to try the famed treat, but sample each and every flavor. 

One pint will set you back $8, which can be a hefty price tag if you're low on declining dollars, but most ice cream enthusiasts will tell you it's worth it. When an ice cream craving hits, don't get stuck spending precious time staring into the fluorescent lights of Campus Market's frozen food aisle. Use this guide to help find best Cal Poly ice cream for every mood and occasion.   


Reilly Salkowski

Flavor Profile: Although the flavor is often overlooked and written off as plain or boring, Cal Poly's Vanilla ice cream is anything but. It's easily the creamiest of all the flavors and the absence of mix-ins allows the vanilla flavor to truly shine. 

Perfect for...  A warm, sunny day. I'm a firm believer that ice cream is a perfectly suitable as a year-round treat, but even I can't deny that the light, creaminess of vanilla is meant for a summer afternoon. Enjoy it after a morning of surfing in Avila or strolling downtown. 

Chocolate Chip

Reilly Salkowski

Flavor Profile: Cal Poly's Chocolate Chip ice cream has the same heavenly vanilla base, but it's (choc)k-full of chips, so there's a burst of chocolate in every bite. It's deceptively simple, yet packs the perfect combo of texture and flavor — no wonder it's Joe Biden's favorite

Perfect for... When you just can't decide. Can't figure out whether you're in the mood for chocolate or vanilla? Get Chocolate Chip! It combines creamy vanilla and rich chocolate to satisfy both cravings and creates a classic flavor that never disappoints.   

Mud Pie

Reilly Salkowski

Flavor Profile: There are infinitely many variations of Mud Pie, but they all contain three basic elements: chocolate, cream and crunch. Cal Poly's ice cream version of Mud Pie has it all — a creamy chocolate base with chunks of Oreos and the slightest hint of coffee. 

Perfect for... A midterm or finals study session. Take a break from your textbooks to treat yo' self to a few scoops (or a whole pint) of Mud Pie ice cream. The rich, chocolatey flavor will give you the extra boost you need to take on a long night of studying ahead.

Cookies N Cream 

Reilly Salkowski

Flavor Profile: Cookies N Cream is probably the most universally loved ice cream flavor — and for good reason. Cal Poly's version nails the perfect ratio of Oreo cookie chunks to vanilla base that'll keep you coming back for more. 

Perfect for... Movie night. Pull up Netflix, grab a few friends or maybe just a cozy blanket, and kick back with a pint of Cookies N Cream for the perfect night in.  

Mint Chip 

Reilly Salkowski

Flavor Profile: Another beloved combo, Mint Chip is a flavor you're guaranteed to find in every ice cream store, but no two variations are created equally. In Cal Poly's version, the amount of mint is perfect; it never overpowers the chocolate, so you always get the best of both worlds in every bite. 

Perfect for... Getting in the holiday spirit. As I mentioned before, ice cream can (and should) be enjoyed at any time during the year, but to me, nothing screams "Christmas" like the pairing of mint and chocolate. Put on your favorite ugly sweater or fuzzy socks and grab a pint of Mint Chip to temporarily escape the stress of finals season.