As we've made our way back to Bowdoin, with its familiar chill and queue of responsibilities waiting patiently for us, we thought it might be time to reminisce about the delicious food that our team enjoyed during spring break. Whether our staff members kept it local or travelled across continents, their table spreads and quick bites did not disappoint. Keep reading for a curated collection of spring break eats from around the world!

Lemon Curd and Graham Cracker Cronut—New York, NY

Isabelle Lee

Over break, Writer Isabelle Lee '25 found herself in New York City, where she secured an illustrious cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery. The flavor of these infamous croissant-donut hybrids change monthly, and, the week of her visit, she was lucky enough to get to sample one with graham cracker ganache and lemon curd. We hope that the lines were manageable—and that the pastry lived up to the hype!

Cajun Chicken Alfredo—Cancún, Mexico

Thais Carrillo

As expected, Photography Director Thais Carillo '23 did not disappoint with her food photos during her trip to Mexico. At Guy Fieri's American Kitchen Bar, she ordered this breathtaking plate of penne rigate tossed with Cajun blackened chicken and a white wine and sundried tomato alfredo sauce, complete with diced fresh tomatoes, scallions, and parmesan. The perfect combination of creamy and zesty!

Chocolate Lava Cake—Sun Valley, ID

Hailey Ryan

Writer Hailey Ryan '26 bowled us over with this chocolate lava cake photo, which she snapped during her Sun Valley ski trip. The strawberry, topped with a sprig of mint and sitting comfortably on a pillow of molten chocolate, seems like a slight nod to the slopes—or maybe just an independently-delicious garnish. We were skeptical when she told us that she went somewhere cold over spring break, but after seeing this masterpiece, we're convinced that she made the right call!

Sweet Potato Tempura Roll—Brunswick, ME

Milo Young-Perez

Over spring break, Marketing Director Milo Young-Perez '23 went for a classic Idaho Roll at Bowdoin-beloved Aki Japanese Cuisine. This specialty roll is always the shining star in a three-roll combo. Featuring tempura-style sweet potato and blanketed in ribbons of eel sauce, the Idaho Roll is also a vegetarian (and non-vegetarian, for that matter) delight. Milo, thanks for giving us a bit of inspiration for our next Maine Street dining excursion!

Pizza Margherita—New York, NY

Mackenzie Cooper

When in New York City, you can't go wrong with a New York slice—or pie, for that matter. Writer Mackenzie Cooper '26 feasted on this old-fashioned margherita pie from Angelo's Pizza, a self-proclaimed "pizza dynasty" near Carnegie Hall. The sauce-to-cheese ratio looks spot on! In the meantime, we'll try to assuage our jealousy with Portland Pie.

Tacos Al Pastor—Tulum, Mexico

Thais Carrillo

In Tulum, Carillo got our mouths watering again with a photo of these tacos al pastor from La Taqueria, by Pinches Taco Shop. Sweet, spicy, and sprinkled with pineapple, white onion, and cilantro, these tacos are a thing of beauty. La Taqueria gets bonus points for presentation (but we know that Carillo's photography skills could make any plate look like a Michelin meal).

Colombian Empanadas—New York, NY

Jane Godiner

Editorial Director Jane Godiner '23, who was home in New York City over break, stumbled across a 100% gluten free restaurant serving freshly-made (and beautifully-colored) Colombian empanadas. From left to right, she sampled beef, chicken, mango pork, spinach and cheese, vegan beef and plantain, and guava and cheese empanadas. With such complimentary flavors (and a feed-friendly aesthetic), she has a feeling this place is seconds away from blowing up. She just hopes she'll be able to snag a table during her next visit!