Currently there is a declared famine in South Sudan, and a serious risk of famine conditions in Somalia, Nigeria, and Yemen. Drought and warfare are furthering the risks of famine. The crises in those countries are placing millions of people at risk of dying from severe hunger or malnutrition. Drought and warfare are furthering the risks of famine. 

Humanitarian aid systems are in serious need of assistance, especially as the United States cuts aid to the United Nations. Agencies are seriously underfunded but any donations can help provide food assistance and security to those in need. Here are some of the many organizations that you can donate to in order to help famine victims:

1. United Nations

The purpose of the United Nations is to create international peace and security. Part of peacekeeping involves helping create positive peace conditions through their famine relief efforts.

The UN is providing medicine, water, food, and shelter to struggling families and refugees. Donate to the UN through the United Nations Foundation or through the UN Refugee Agency.

2. International Committee of the Red Cross

The mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross is to protect and assist victims of conflict and violence through humanitarianism.

The ICRC is working across South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen to provide food and water to families that are being affected by famine. One $50 donation can feed a family for a month, but any donation is beneficial.

3. Oxfam International

Oxfam International works to provide poverty assistance through programs and public education. 

Currently, Oxfam is working to provide food and assistance to South Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia and Kenya and Ethiopia which are also being affected by drought. Oxfam needs donations to keep providing for those affected. 

4. World Food Programme

Another branch of the United Nations, the World Food Programme promotes the goals of ending hunger, food security, and nutritional assistance worldwide. The WFP is entirely funded by donations to provide food for children and families especially those that are being impacted by famine.

5. Save The Children

Save The Children is specifically focused on promoting child welfare and protecting future generations. One of their biggest focuses are on ending child hunger through nutrition and health programs. 

Save The Children has three separate donation campaigns for famine sufferers: the East Africa Food Crisis Appeal, the Yemen Crisis Appeal, and the Nigeria Food Crisis.  Donations can help provide food, water, and other forms of assistance to those who need help. 

With millions of people in desperate need of food assistance, donations from people like you and me are crucial in order to help save lives.