During finals (and, tbh, every other day too), I cannot make it through without my usual Blonde Roast from Starbucks. Obviously, these purchases add up fast, but they are truly necessary. However, this holiday season, you can win free Starbucks for life. Yep, you read that right. 

Here's exactly how to celebrate the holidays right with Starbucks. 

Legit Free Starbucks for Life

This is not a joke. Starting today, you can apply to win free Starbucks for life on the aptly named site: StarbucksForLife.com. The lucky winner is credited a free food and beverage item to their Starbucks card, every day, for 30 years. Yeah, it's not exactly for life, but that's 10,950 days of free Starbucks (not including leap days). 

You have to be a Starbucks Rewards Member to sign up, but it's super easy to sign up if you're not already. Just be sure to sign up before Jan. 8, 2018 for your chance to win more Starbucks than you could ever dream of. 

Some Other Good, But Smaller Prizes

This free Starbucks for life deal is obviously pretty freaking fantastic, but it's highly unlikely that you're gonna win (#sorrynotsorry). If you're looking for other ways to get some free Starbucks this Christmas, you're in luck. 

Starbucks is hosting Project Give Good, and giving 50,000 customers a $20 Starbucks gift cards, just because. Yeah, Starbucks is giving out $1 million in gift cards. They'll be passing them out at community events (think: tree lightings, shows, caroling, etc.).

You're also gonna be able to achieve Starbucks Rewards Program Gold Status for all of 2018 if you make any purchases during the month of December. And with that, you'll get a free birthday drink, free refills, free rewards, and more. It ain't free Starbucks for life, but it's definitely something

So, let's thank Starbucks for giving us a chance at the best Christmas gift of all time: free Starbucks for life. I will def be fighting you for it, though.