As February ends and the season of love passes, we move towards the holiday that is loved and cherished by university students all across the nation— St. Patricks Day. If you're ready to fill up on everything green and show your love of the Irish, look no further than these yummy green foods to celebrate!

1. Lucky Pancakes 

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What better way to start the day off, than with a world favourite, classic breakfast food? Turn these family favourites into a celebratory brunch by adding a touch of green food colouring into the batter. Stir in the fun, fry them up, and voila! An easy and delicious way to start your celebrations.

2. Perfectly Patty's Rice Krispie Squares

Want more breakfast but too tired to get out all the dishes to make pancakes? Maybe you just don't want to do dishes? Look no further than your childhood favourite for some more St. Patty's Day fun! Add some green dye to melted marshmallows and butter to turn your plain squares from boring to brilliant! 

3. Sweet Sugar Cookies

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What's a party without some tasty treats? Mix up plain Jane cookies and add some St. Patricks Day flair by turning them green! Slip a little green colouring into some prepared sugar cookie dough, kneading it in well. A touch of colour can turn a simple favourite into a party platter filler!

4. Leprechaun Cupcakes

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Not a fan of cookies? Why not try some cupcakes instead! Mix up your batter as usual, and then stir in the special ingredient. Add some green food colouring and mint extract into the vanilla batter to create green cupcakes, or slip some into the frosting instead to make any flavour of cupcake St. Patty's ready. 

5. Green Envy Velvet Cake

Want something a little bigger than just cupcakes? Mix up the classic favourite of red velvet cake by switching out your dye colour from red and instead, adding in some St. Patty's day flair with green. To finish off the tasty treats, frost with green frosting, and get ready to enjoy this delicious treat, fit for the appetites of Irishmen. 

6. Jade Jello

Not much of a cook? Want to try something a little simpler in the kitchen? Look no further for your St. Patricks Day fun than the easy to make family favourite; Jello! Grab a box of key-lime, and H2O, just add water! With an easy stir, you're almost done! Stick it in the fridge, enjoy a few hours of free time, and when its solid, dig in!

7. Perfect Peppermint Candies 

Grab a bite with a bit of a kick, and mix up some peppermint candies for this St. Patricks Day! Create these cute little cream cheese button candies in no time, and fill them with your favourite kind of chocolate! Try this quick and easy no-bake recipe to create a fun-filled treat with a flavour fit for the holidays!

8. Green Packed Punch

Not too hungry? Why not try a fun St. Patricks Day drink! Try this three-ingredient punch to bring a little flavour to your celebration. It's easy to make a combination of pineapple juice and ginger ale can be mixed alone or with spirits (if you are of legal drinking age)! Scoop in some lime sherbert to finish off the perfect refreshment for St. Patty's.

9. 2 Ingredient 7-Up Floats

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Turn a root-beer float into a festive treat by trading root-beer for 7-Up! Add in scoops of lime sherbet and turn your bubbly refresher into a green dream. This drink is perfect to pair with the sunshine, everyone loves ice-cream on a bright day! This two-ingredient drink is sure to spice up your festivities!

10. Shamrock Shakes

With every March comes a beloved McDonalds favourite; Shamrock Shakes! With just four easy ingredients of vanilla ice-cream, milk, mint extract, and food colouring, you can blend up your own shakes at home! If you're a super shake lover, you can even keep the recipe going after St. Patricks day is over, and McDonald's retires their shakes again for the year! 

No matter what your plans are for this year's festivities, you can mix in any one of these recipes to enjoy! Get in the kitchen this St. Patricks Day, and start the morning off with a little cooking fun! With a little bit of food colouring and a little bit of luck, you can craft the perfect St. Patricks Day treats for this year! Even if you don't get lucky, and don't catch any leprechauns, these recipes will fill your day with St. Patricks spirit!