Chipotle is a fast-casual chain with a cult-like following. Although you might have to pay extra for the guacamole, it's worth it. Here's a simple way to order vegan at Chipotle!

Select Your Shell

Do you want a burrito, taco, or just a bowl? Although the tortillas are vegan, they do pack a massive carb-bomb that might fill you up before you dig into the toppings. I recommend choosing a bowl and then building it up with tons of fiber-rich veggies and beans. 

Beans, Rice, or Both? 

The black beans, pinto beans, white rice, and brown rice are all vegan and super tasty options. I love adding black and pinto beans to my bowl for a boost of fiber and protein.


Chipotle's sofrita mix is made from soy and is 100% vegan! One serving has 150 calories and 8g of protein. I like that the sofritas aren't overly spicy, but they do pack a little heat! 

Pack on Those Veggies! 

Thankfully, most of the toppings at Chipotle are vegan. This includes their salsas, veggie mix, romaine lettuce. If you're eating vegan, leave out the cheese and the sour cream! 

To Guac or Not to Guac: Is that Even a Question? 

If you go for the veggie mix instead of the sofritas, then guac is included in the order. But, if you're in the mood for sofritas, you'll end up paying an extra $2.50 for the guac. I think it's worth it, but if it's your wallet, you're the one with the big decision. 

Chips with that? 

You can add a small (or large) order of chips to your order when you check-out- along with travel containers of guac or salsa for the road. Although these chips are vegan (and not too salty), I do recommend only getting a bag if you plan on sharing it with other people. They can easily tack on an extra couple of dollars on to your already expensive order, and IMO, aren't worth it.