If you don't know who Emma Abrahamson is, you've seriously been missing out. Even if you don't follow collegiate running (we can't all be @flotrack superfans, I get it), she posts amazing healthy recipes on her Instagram @onecrazedfoodie and regularly updates YouTube with all too relatable content about life at the University of Oregon.

I reached out to her to get some more information about her experience as an athlete and social media maven all while trying to graduate college. In the questions to follow, Emma Abrahamson explains how @onecrazedfoodie came to be, and where it's going next.

Why did you start @onecrazedfoodie and your YouTube channel?

My entire life I have always had a love for food. I started looking more into nutrition my senior year of high school and found a new love for creating healthy recipes. I spend my spare time trying out new foods and seeing how they made me feel. I also love Instagram, and, honestly, one day I just decided to start a food Instagram documenting some of my meal ideas. As time has gone on, I really began dedicating time to making recipes and meal ideas for people everywhere.

I started my YouTube this past summer one day, honestly because I was bored and wanted something to do, ha! I love watching videos, I am pretty outgoing and just decided to go for it one day. I NEVER expected so many people to watch my videos. I am by no means a videographer or video editor, so it really was just for fun to document my life. It’s crazy that so many people want to watch.

What has surprised you about starting a food blog?

There are SO many different aesthetics you can choose from. Each blog has their own unique style! If I see a picture somewhere, I can guess exactly who made it just by the way the food was arranged, the lighting, and the background.

What's your favorite thing about running @onecrazedfoodie?

 I love connecting with people and seeing my followers make my recipes. Every time someone sends or posts a picture saying they tried one of my recipes out, it truly makes my day. It's fun to inspire others to enjoy healthy food and treats.

What's your best advice for someone who's starting a food blog?

 There isn’t one correct way to take a picture of your food. You have to take time to find your aesthetic rather than trying to copy someone else’s. For example, I prefer a simple white background. Everyone has their own look! It is also good to make your feed look neat and organized in regards to colors/background.

Will food blogging continue to be part of your life as you transition from collegiate running to the workforce?

Definitely! Food blogging is one of my favorite hobbies and it will continue to be regardless of running. I love eating healthy, and I love sharing my meal ideas with everyone. I have found a way of eating that I will continue for the rest of my life. Not much will change.

I hope to be more active on my account and create even more recipes for everyone since I will have a little more time without school.

How did you balance school, D1 running, and content creation for your Instagram and YouTube?

I tried not to be too hard on myself. I try to post on @onecrazedfoodie every day. If I don't get to it, then I don't get to it. I try not to stress out of the small things. I try to plan out my meals so I know what food I will post and share, but if I don’t have time, then I just don’t post that day. Same goes for vlogging. Sometimes, during the school year, I was very busy and couldn’t upload often. I had to look out for my own mental health and not stress myself out over a hobby.

Again, I tried to plan out specific videos and was constantly thinking of ideas. I am a huge planner so keeping a daily schedule helps me stay on top of school work, running and my social media accounts.

How did running impact your diet, and do you think your diet will change as you move into this new chapter of your life?

The main reason I began focusing on nutrition was because of running. I think I have learned what my body functions best on, regardless of running or not. 

I don’t think there will be many changes in regards to my diet because I love all of the food I eat and I live a very balanced lifestyle by treating myself often. I will exercise regularly because I love to stay active, so eating healthy is just a part of that lifestyle that makes me feel great.

What's your favorite recipe?

My favorite recipe of my own would have to be my Banana Nut Butter Brownies, but I love @rachaelgoodeat’s cookie skillet too! I have a bit of a sweet tooth if you cannot tell.

#SpoonTip: Having made several of her recipes myself, you can't really go wrong with any of them.

What other food bloggers do you look up to?

My favorite food bloggers are @rachlmansfield, @frommybowl, @rachaelgoodeats, and @leefromamerica! Their food and recipes are tasty and beautiful!

Clearly, Emma Abrahamson's food blogging career is not going to end with her collegiate running one – make sure to stay tuned to her YouTube channel and Instagram to see where she goes and what delicious meals she makes next!