Since DC stays hot until the middle of October, we are forced to find our daily doses in the form of icy cold brews. These refreshers pack ample amounts of caffeine and smoky flavors that put plain old drip-brew coffee to shame. Here are five places in the District to give you jitters with a spectacular cup of cold brewed coffee. 

1. The Davenport Lounge: SIS Building, American University

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Amelia Bowen

Seriously, guys, despite its on-campus status, the Dav has some of the best cold brew around. Incredibly rich and dark, this brew holds up beautifully to melting ice and dilution from added milk or cream. A great dark roast, it is full-bodied and packs a punch of caffeine that can leave your hands jumping off the table, perfect for a pick-me-up on the way to your morning classes.

2. Un je ne sais Quoi

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Amelia Bowen

A fairly new edition to the Dupont community, Je ne sais Quoi holds its own with a bold cold brew. Significantly lighter than the Davenport brew, Je ne sais Quoi’s coffee still packs a kick and lacks the bitter edge that can ruin a cold brew on the first sip. Additionally, this cute eatery has a wide assortment of unique treats to pair with your refresher. 

3. Bourbon Coffee

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Amelia Bowen

 Bourbon Coffee’s cold brew is unique mainly for its size; whereas most cold brews come in small cups only, you can get a 20oz. cup for only a few cents more than the next size down. The Bourbon cold brew is sweeter than most others, with a slight edge that tiptoes around bitterness but doesn’t quite meet it.

The perfect place for working off campus as you caffeinate, Bourbon also boasts a diverse range of suppliers from around Rwanda, playing its part in supporting small farmers internationally.

4. Bakers and Baristas

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Amelia Bowen

This cold brew can be found in one of DC's epicenters, less than a block from the Gallery Place Metro stop. Sweet like Bourbon's cold brew with but a sharper edge, this cold brew is for those who drink their coffee with cream or milk. As an added bonus, Bakers and Baristas is a great place to settle in and do some work.

5. Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar

Amelia Bowen

Tucked away on a side street by Dupont Circle, this true coffeehouse has a stellar cold brew made with beans roasted nearby in Annapolis, MD. Though the shop itself is small, all of Filter's brews pack a punch with rich flavor that holds up to melting ice. The perfect place for a quick stop in on a rainy day, this cute, and literally underground, coffeehouse is meant for true coffee connoisseurs.  

There is nothing more refreshing than smoky cold brews on a hot summer day, but the depth of flavor they present carries into the fall. The cold brew is the perfect alternative to a hot cup when the temperature outside refuses to go down. You don't have to sacrifice refreshment for flavor - explore some of DC's best and boldest coffee shops in pursuit of the perfect caffeine kick.