Bread is a staple in most people's kitchens. As it is a staple across the world, there are many types of breads from different cultures that we might not know of. When looking into this, I didn't realize how "unbreaducated" (see what I did there) I was and realized how others might be as well. Let's turn that around and learn 15 different breads from around the world that you may or may not have heard of. 


Switzerland created Zopf bread which is a traditional item that is to be baked on Friday nights and eaten on Sunday mornings. This braided treat can be eaten with butter, jam, or both, which sounds like the perfect breakfast meal.

Soda Bread

Originated from Ireland, Soda Bread is a traditional favorite.  The key ingedient to make this bread what it is, is baking soda; hence why it's called Soda Bread. It's been seen as a poor country product because of the simple ingedients it takes to bring this bread to life. 


Roti comes from Indus valley civilization nearly 5000 years ago. It's a famous staple in Indian cuisine and a meal would not be complete without it. 


Naan bread was created in India and served with generally most South Asian dishes. This is another thin piece of bread that is very popularly served and greatly paired with meats, gravies, or by itself. 


Damper bread is known to be a famous Australian dish. Just as you see from the picture above, damper bread is known to be cooked in a camp fire with flour, water and salt. Historian James Bonwick said the name cam from the "way of 'damping' the fire, covering it with ashes."


Lavash is a very much loved, traditional and national bread that is served in Armenia. The process of making this bread takes great skill, effort, and coordination. Women are mainly the ones who make this bread in big groups (more power to these skillful, hardworking women!). If you're thinking of trying this, this bread is best paired with meats, cheese, or greens. `

Obi Non

Obi non, also known as Lepyoshka bread, comes from the traditional Uzbek cuisine. This delicious, savory bread is made by an old recipe and process that makes this bread a special treat to have at any hour of the day. 


Yufka bread was created from Turkey. Think of yufka as being a thinner version of a tortilla and very similar to lavash.


Ethiopia created Injera, or teff, that "has a light sweet taste which some have even described as 'nutty." This is known to be a staple food in Ethiopian cusine. 


Focaccia bread is a modern protype of pizza that originated from Italy. This thin but fluffy bread is topped with olive oil and different spices (lik thyme in the photo above.)


Chapati is a famously known flatbread that was created in East Africa. There are various ways of making this bread and they all look simple and delicious. 


Let's thank the Czech Republic for creating Vánočka bread. This braided bread is said to be similar to Europen egg-twist breads (which, from my experience, are all amazing). If you're looking for a savory and sweet treat, this is the bread to have. 


Venezuela and Columbia has presented a glorious savory treat called Arepas. This Latin American bread can be eaten in so many ways—it's incredible and tastes like heaven. 


Knäckebröd is a Finnish crispy bread that is made with rye and corn flour. It's known to be eaten at breakfast and best paired with oatmeal


Paratha is an Indian delight that is both healthy and filling. This bread can be served at breakfast, lunch, or dinner since it pairs perfectly with anything; which is why this is a staple in Indian cusine.