There's a saying "Hennything is possible". Hennessy is one of the world's most popular booze options. The brand has a stellar reputation along with amazing products. In honor of their 200th anniversary, here's what you need to know about their latest limited-edition release.

What are the basic facts to know about Hennessy?

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Meg Browder

For starters, Hennessy is a Cognac brand that first got its start in the year 1818. The two founding families behind the brand are the Hennessys and Filliouxs. The way that the two families have collaborated and executed the Cognac that we all know and love as Hennessy has molded how Cognac is made and is looked up to as what a flawlessly balanced spirit should be.

Despite being around for 200 years, Hennessy has never broken their traditional roots of Cognac-making. They've figured out what works for them in this never-ending, dynamic and innovative society, and stuck with it. 

Let's all learn from this; if something works very well for you and is ethical, stick to it. Defend your work and methods; keep doing you and the rest will follow. 

What's their new carafe all about?

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Alex Frank

Have no fear; the new carafe isn't straying away from the brand's Cognac niche. The carafe retails for $80 for a standard 750ml bottle and is available nationwide at only the most bougie of bougie booze retailers. The carafe will only be around for the rest of the summer, so be sure to get your hands on it sooner than later if possible. 

The limited-edition carafe has been created as a tribute to the brand's long lasting heritage/existence. The carafe combines modern design with bits and pieces from the brand's history in order to create this amazing bottle.

The tasting notes of the carafe include French oak, vanilla, cinnamon, candied fruit, and clove. If you're one to make your own drinks at home and or that person that makes drinks for everyone else but always makes them a little too strong, check out some Hennessy's own cocktails that you could mix up. 

Before you get your hands on Henny's new release, don't drink and drive simultaneously. While the bottle is indeed limited edition, that doesn't mean that you should hoard the bottle for years to come; try some of it out, or even better -- share it with others on special occasions and during events.