Henny Henny Henny; it's the world's most popular and best-selling Cognac brand, and can often be associated with the saying "Hennything is possible." While the brand's real name is Hennessy for the record, I'm here to tell you, the readers of this article that they've released a new bottle for your drinking needs. Here's what you need to know before you go off and drink your heart out.

What are the basics?

Liz Abere

To start, Henny's new bottle is a limited edition collaboration between Henny (duh) and Vhils. In terms of price and size, the bottle is 750ml and is a mere $32. However, the bottle will be on the shelves of booze shops near you starting in July, so if this new bottle is something that you're oh so dying to have, you'll need to hold in your urge to get your hands on the bottle for a little while.

Who's Vhils?

Vhils was born as Alexandre Farto in 1987 back in Lisbon, but lives and works all over the place. His motto as an artist is "Making the Invisible Visible" and was a graffiti writer before people started recognizing him for his art. Vhils' motto is "Making the Invisible Visible" and can be described as an urban archaeologist that's innovative and has a great visionary sense. Just like his work, Vhils is an unpredictable person and took such quality from his daily life and used it when collaborating with Hennessy on their new release.

How's this bottle magical and why should you care? 

You, the reader should care about Hennessy's new release with Vhils not only because it's one more bottle of Henny to try out and store in your mini bar collection, comes with a nice taste to it, and also comes with a smooth texture. Don't lie to yourself; during the course of your life, there's a 99.9% chance that you've encountered booze that not only tasted awful but had a rough texture to it. Is that what you want from a bottle? No; no it's not. What you want is what Henny and Vhils have to offer you; good smooth booze that's affordable and will serve your drinking needs and desires. 

The bottle that's the child between Vhils and Hennessy is magical because it's drinkable on its own, meaning that it doesn't require a mixer. While that's rare for any booze really, take it with a grain of salt since it's something that you'd need to experience for yourself before seeing what I'm talking about. However, I wouldn't recommend drinking this new bottle of Hennessy warm, unless you're genuinely wanting to try the product out stat; then you do you, but it'll be smoother on the rocks.

Anything's really possible with Hennessy's new collaboration with Vhils by your side, as for it genuinely believes in you unlike most of the fake people that you've encountered throughout the course of your life. Although it won't be available for awhile, it's waiting for you to enjoy what it has to offer you as it'll watch you unwind and enjoy your time as a functioning human being.